How Long do HP Laptops Last?

If you are looking for a new laptop but worried about how much time the new laptop will work efficiently or after how much time you will be needing a new laptop especially when you are thinking of buying an HP laptop. To address this concern, I have explained how long the HP laptop will last based on certain price brackets and the technical specifications of the laptop.

How long do HP laptops last

Before going into the further details let’s talk about what type of laptops HP offer and what are their price brackets. So, here is the list of most popular categories among its users:

Envy series of HP laptops

If you are looking for a work laptop and have a budget range of $630 to $1400 then this can be the one as these laptops are made for office work. Usually, laptops from this series can last up to 3 to 5 years if you take good care of them and also on the basis of look, they seem pretty cool.

Pavilion series of HP laptops

Thinking of buying a laptop for an affordable price then this HP series can be the one for you as it starts from $480 and goes up to $970. Though you can accept some shortcomings in the build quality as it is the best you can get at this price.

Speaking of the question how much time it will last then you should know that it will work efficiently for almost 3 to 4 years as these are relatively low-end laptops that are mainly used for light work like drafting documents or stuff like that.

Omen series of Hp laptops

For professional gamers the HP provides its users with its Omen series though it is rather expensive than the two we discussed above but this series comes with a number of high-end laptops. The price bracket for this series is from $1100 going up to $2000 so you can expect a high quality and more durable product. Similarly, coming to the lifespan of this product, one can expect it to last at least 5 to 7 years if taken good care.

Now we have given a table below that shows the series name their price range and their life span:

HP series Price range Life span
Envy $630 to $1400 4 to 5 years
Pavilion $480 to $850 3 to 4 years
Omen $1100 to $2000 5 to 7 years

Tips to make your Hp laptop last longer

For your help I have given some of the life saving tips that can make your HP laptop last a bit longer:

  • Clean the inside and the outside of your laptop every once in a while
  • Try not to overcharge your laptop, disconnect the charger when the battery is above 80 percent
  • Keep your Windows OS updated and keep checking for updates regularly
  • Prevent your laptop from heating up by using a cooling pad when required
  • Regularly filter out the applications that you do not want to use any more
  • Do a disk clean up task to free some space on your hard drive


HP provides its users a variety of laptop series but only some of them are liked by the users so to answer a common question of an HP laptop buyer, how long it will last, I have given some information about the most popular series of laptops. Next, I have narrowed down the information in a table so that it can be easy to get to the answer and also I have given a few tips that can enhance your HP laptop lifespan.

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