How Long Do ASUS Laptops Last

The ASUS company is a well-known brand for producing quality laptops that benefit every individual in any field. These laptops are pretty affordable and can easily be purchased from any market. However, people who want to purchase an ASUS laptop must be wondering about the laptop’s lifetime as not all brands’ laptops have a long-lasting performance.

If you are finding information about the ASUS laptop lifetime, you are at the right place as here we will answer your question about the average lifespan of the ASUS laptop. After reading this article, you can then decide whether to go for this laptop or not.

How long does an ASUS Laptop last?

The lifetime of a laptop largely depends on its usage and every user who purchases a laptop must be careful as excessive use may reduce its lifespan. When you excessively use a laptop, its battery will drain out quickly and as a result, after 3-5 years, your laptop will run only on direct power supply. After some time, it may affect your hardware components, reducing the laptop’s lifespan.

Keeping your laptop safe from any damage will surely help increase its lifespan. The ASUS laptop casing also plays a significant role in increasing the laptop lifespan. Besides being durable and sturdy, if you don’t care for them properly, their lifespan may get over soon before the average lifetime.

How long does an ASUS Laptop last on single charge?

The ASUS lifespan highly depends on charge capacity as excessive charging may impact your system hardware, or it may heat the components installed within your laptop. If you provide an excess power supply to your laptop even if it’s fully charged, you will bear the consequences in the future.

A single charge battery will keep your laptop on for a longer time and you must use your laptop without a charger when it’s fully charged. The longer your single charge lasts, the fewer cycles you will need and the longer your battery will stay. However, this may or may not work in some ASUS models because not all models of ASUS laptops have longer battery life on a single charge. Few laptops can stay on for 24-hours on a single charge like the ASUS ExpertBook B940. Most ASUS laptops have an average battery life of 5-7 hours on a single charge which is more than optimal life for a laptop.

How can a charger affect your laptop lifespan?

Using a compatible charger for your ASUS laptop is extremely important as this directly affects your laptop performance. If you don’t use a compatible charger whose voltage doesn’t match the required voltage of your laptop, it may heat your system and eventually affect your laptop battery and system components. Further, a charger with quick charging capability doesn’t work in most cases as this puts pressure on system components, which reduces the laptop lifespan.

How long does ASUS Hardware last?

In a few cases, you may find that the charger isn’t the only reason that reduces your laptop lifespan, but the system hardware can also be the reason. If your battery is still going strong after 5-6 years, then it may be why your outdated hardware. Again, the hardware issue directly relates to the amount of usage and laptop models and if someone does care for it properly, it may not get the average lifespan. Consistent hardware updates are a must for your laptop to increase its lifespan.

Tips to improve the lifespan of ASUS Laptop

After finding out the reasons that reduce your laptop lifespan, here are some tips that will help you increase your laptop lifespan:

  • Remove your charger when your laptop is charged.
  • When your laptop charging reaches 90%, it’s better to remove the charger and don’t plug it back in until the charging level drops down to 20%.
  • Ensure that your laptop doesn’t get too hot and if this happens, clean up your laptop components, especially the fan.
  • Avoid eating food items on your laptop as some food particles may enter into your laptop components.
  • Protect your laptop keyboard by placing a cover onto it.
  • Keep your laptop clean daily. It’s better to make it your habit to clean the laptop before using it.
  • Keep the single charge running for a longer time by reducing your laptop brightness and close unused applications that are consuming your laptop battery too much.


ASUS is a famous brand around the globe that manufactures extremely powerful laptops quite beneficial for personal use. However, someone may think about whether these laptops may last longer. To keep their mind clear, this article provides them with enough knowledge about the lifespan of ASUS laptops, and this will surely help them make up their mind on whether to go for the ASUS laptop or not. If some people have already purchased these laptops, they may find important tips here to increase the lifespan of their laptops.

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