How to Force a Page Break in HTML Printing?

Almost all document types that are printable can control page breaks that are specified by the author. HTML is a well-known language that permits users to design HTML documents and manually set the page breaks if the document consists of more than two pages. For that purpose, the CSS “break-after” property is utilized. Furthermore, to print the document, the “window.print()” function is used in the “onclick” attribute.

This write-up will discuss:

What is Page Break in HTML?

A Page break is similar to a hard page break. It is an instruction introduced by a program(such as a word processor) that tells the printer where to finish the current page and begin the next.

How to Force a Page Break in HTML Printing?

To force a page break in HTML printing, try out the given instructions.

Step 1: Make a “div” Container
First, create a container with the help of the “<div>” tag and insert a class inside the “div” opening tag with a specific name.

Step 2: Create Another “div” Container
After that, make another container along with the “style” attribute and value “break-after:page”.

Step 3: Create a Button
Next, create a button by utilizing the “<button>” tag. Insert an “onclick” attribute which will generate an event when the user clicks the button. For the “onclick” attribute, we have specified the following values:

  • window.print()” method is used to open the print windows and print the current document.
  • return false” used for stopping unintentional window scrolling to the top or bottom from navigating the page:
<div class="div-pb">
 Page one (scroll down for the next page)
<div style="break-after:page"></div>
 Page two <br><br>
 <button onclick="window.print();return false;" />Checkout the Results</button>


It can be observed that we have successfully forced the page break in HTML printing.


To force a page break in HTML printing, create a div container along with the style attribute and specify its value as “break-after:page”. Then, create a button and add the “onclick” attribute with the value “window.print(); return false;” to open the print window and print the current document. This post has explained forcing the page break in HTML printing.

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