How To Fix Broken Laptop Charger Tip?

In the present world, more than half of the population have their own laptops which come in handy in various situations. People have become more dependent on laptops than anything else now. With these positive aspects, you also have to deal with negative aspects while dealing with laptops. One of the major concerns for a laptop user is the broken tip of his laptop charger. What is a laptop without a charger? So here is the solution to fix a broken laptop charger tip.

Identifying the issue

The laptop will not get power from the source if it has a broken charger tip. So if your laptop stops charging then there could be 2 possibilities, either the battery isn’t working or the charger tip is broken. Now if the issue is the latter one then there are multiple solutions available to fix it. We will discuss some scenarios and their outcomes to come up with a solution.

Quick method to fix a broken laptop charger tip

Following method can help you fix your laptop’s broken charger tip:

  • First of all, detach the charger from your laptop
  • Point out the faulty area
  • With the help of a spudger remove the faulty tip
  • Now solder the new pin with the wires of the charger
  • Finalize it, check the working of the charger


Sometimes the connection near the pin becomes loose, that’s why it becomes hard to detect the faulty area. There are many users who use their laptop chargers with carelessness. They don’t care about the pin end which often becomes twisted during the charging process. Due to that, the wires inside the pin lose their adjustment, and eventually, one of them or all stops working. So always place the charger in such a way that your laptop charger pin doesn’t have to suffer.

Secondly, don’t always keep your laptop on charging mode because power consumption can also destroy the quality of the charging speed along with the charger pin. There is a lot of chance that the charging pin can be damaged during the phenomena. So, it is better to take care of these things while using laptop and laptop chargers.


Fixing a laptop charger pin is not a very complicated task but not everyone has related knowledge about it. It is better that everyone should know the fixing process because you never know when you are going to need it.

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