How to Fix Broken Charging Port of a Laptop?

When you have gadgets, you should also know how to maintain them because using gadgets is one thing but maintaining them is another thing. There are various issues that could happen to your gadgets, especially laptops. You could have the charging port of your laptop broken, well you guessed it, this article deals with the ways by which we can fix a broken laptop charging port.

Can a Broken Laptop Charging Port be Fixed at Home?

It can be a challenging task to fix a broken charging port at home as you need to require special tools and of course expertise. It is better to visit a laptop repairer’s shop.

How Much does It Cost to Repair a Broken Laptop Charging Port?

Replacement ports can be bought and expect to pay $5 to $30 depending upon the type of laptop you have. And if you are not fixing it by yourself then you need to pay some extra as service charges to the repairer.

Most of the time it is not the charging port which is broken, it could be some other issue. Let’s discuss those issues as they may fix the laptop charging issue more quickly than expected.

Identify the Source of the Problem

There could be many reasons if the charging port is not working, it could be:

    1. Broken power jack
    2. Broken cables
    3. Faulty capacitors
    4. Faulty adaptor

Fixing Charging Port Problems

By implementing the below mentioned solutions you might fix to your charging port problem and save a lot of money and time:

1: Fixing Broken Power Jack

The power jack provides the power to the device, and it can be the reason for a broken charging port. If the power jack of your laptop has a direct connection with the motherboard and is not soldered, then you can easily replace that one. If your power jack is soldered to the motherboard instead of having a removable connection, for that, you will first need to desolder the power jack and then replace it with a new one.

2: Fixing the Broken Charger Cable

Modern laptops do have glowing LEDs in their charging cables. If that LED is glowing, it means that your laptop is receiving proper power. Most adapters have a long wire covered with an insulator material which is mostly rubber or plastic. You need to carefully cut the insulator covering using a sharp knife or cutter. Then pull the wire inside it to see where the actual problem is.

3: Changing the Faulty Capacitors

Now, look at that part of the motherboard, which has transistors and capacitors present on it. If you witness swollen capacitors, then it means there is a problem with the capacitors. A very easy solution to this problem is to buy a new pair of capacitors and replace it with the old ones.

4: Faulty Adapter

Another major cause could be having a faulty adapter. Sometimes it is not the charging port that is broken but the adapter which has been faulty for a long time. In that scenario, you just need to contact the repairer to find the problem with the charger.

Quick Tips

Some of tips to keep charger and charging port safe are mentioned below:

    • Do not wrap the cord too tightly
    • Make sure that the charger cable is not in contact with sharp-edged surface
    • Keep the charger away from liquids
    • Buy a laptop bag because laptop bags have special rooms for chargers


Having a broken laptop charging port could be very troublesome. If your laptop isn’t getting charged, then you will probably be unable to use it. So it is important to identify the problem as soon as possible and fix it so you can carry on with your everyday tasks using your laptop.

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