How to Find the Power Button on a MacBook

If you have purchased a new MacBook, you might be facing issues while locating its power button. Power buttons are present in all electronic devices, and MacBooks are no exception. The power button is used to turn the MacBook On and off. Are you facing any difficulty in locating the power button of your new MacBook? Read this guide to find out where to locate the power button on different models of the MacBook.

What Power Button Can Do

The power button can perform various functions:

  • Turn on and off your MacBook
  • Force shutdown or restart your MacBook
  • You can enter different modes,e., recovery mode or safe mode

Do All MacBooks Have a Power Button

Yes, all MacBooks have a power button, but the shape of the power button is different on the different models of the MacBook. Some models have a proper power button at the same time, some models have Touch IDs which also serve as power buttons.

How to Locate the Power Button of MacBook

If you have a MacBook and it gets frozen or not responding, then you can use the power button to turn it on and off; sounds easy enough? If you shut down your MacBook with the Power button, you will lose the unsaved changes.

There are two different types of MacBooks:

  • MacBook with the function keys
  • MacBook with the Touch ID

Finding Power Button on MacBook with no Touch ID

In the older models of the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, the power button is located right next to the end of the function keys. There is a power icon marked on the top of the key. The circular symbol with the line on the top is labelled on the power button of these MacBooks.

Finding Power Button on MacBook with Touch ID

The MacBook models 2018 or the latest come with the Touch ID. In these MacBooks, the power button is embedded in the Touch ID key. This key is not labelled with the power icon, it is the unmarked black square key on the top right corner of the MacBook keyboard, just above the delete key.


While using the MacBook, you might get stuck and want to power off your laptop or in any other situation, you want to turn on your MacBook they both can be done through the power button, so it is mandatory to know the location of the power button. The power button is present in different shapes in the different models of MacBook. Follow the above-mentioned steps to locate the power button on your MacBook to use it.

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