Does the Surface Pen work with other laptops

The use of the Surface Pen helps individuals perform their tasks quite comfortably as it uses a video link to capture everything. You can scroll the screen with a Surface Pen in windows 10 as well as do painting, design, and draw anything with comfort. However, people are confused about whether this technology will work only on Surface laptops, or can we use it on other laptops also?

Keeping their confusion in mind, we present this article to inform them about the compatibility of a Surface Pen with other laptops.

Does the Surface Pen work with other laptops?

Most Surface Pens are incorporated with N-trig technology so if your laptop supports N-trig technology then the Surface Pen will surely work with your laptop. The Surface Pen has also evolved with the technology. The first introduced Surface Pen had a side button and an eraser with it and didn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. The second-generation Surface Pen was invented in 2014 with surface pro-3, it had the eraser right next to its clickable button and is compatible with many Microsoft surface models.

Surface Pro is the latest generation of a Surface Pen that will work with those laptops that use N-trig technology and support Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP).

How to check whether your Surface Pen is compatible or not?

To check the compatibility of your Surface Pen follow the steps given below:

  • Check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility issues.
  • Check Microsoft’s website to get to know about which Surface Pen you have.
  • Connect the Surface Pen with your laptop via Bluetooth.

Connecting Surface Pen with a surface device

You can connect your Surface Pen and surface device through Bluetooth connectivity. Follow these simple steps to connect your Surface Pen with your device :

  • Check the drivers first if they are up to date or not. Then go to Bluetooth settings and add a device.
  • Then turn your pen on by pressing the power button for some seconds to turn on your pen and wait so the pen gets paired.

Troubleshooting your Surface Pen

After checking the compatibility, if the Surface Pen doesn’t connect or work properly then there can be a battery issue. All Surface Pens use AAAA batteries and check if the battery is dead. Press the power button multiple times and if there is still no light then your battery is dead.

If that happens, simply replace the battery by opening the pen. There can be an issue with the Bluetooth connectivity too, connect your pen with another supporting laptop. If it still doesn’t work you can get your pen to a repairer to get your Bluetooth device repaired and vice versa. After trying this if the pen still doesn’t work then you must replace the pen because your pen is damaged and dead.


The Surface Pen is an amazing technology introduced by Microsoft that allows users to manage their laptop with ease. The above-mentioned guidelines will provide you with the steps to let you connect your Surface Pen laptop if it uses N-trig technology and supports MPP. If you ever face any issue while using the Surface Pen, do check the troubleshooting section of this article.

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