How Much does it Cost to Repair a Laptop Screen

Laptops have become people’s daily life partners, and no one would think about getting their tasks done without a laptop. Due to its frequent use, you may experience different problems and having a broken laptop screen is one of those problems that won’t allow you to continue working on your laptop. The laptop screen problem may range from dead pixels to a cracked screen, thus enabling the users to repair their laptop screen instead of purchasing a new laptop for themselves.

If you are not sure about the cost of repairing a laptop screen, there is no need to worry. This tutorial will be there to help you in finding the approximate cost to repair a laptop screen.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop screen

the laptop model. With the advancement of technology, the cost to repair a laptop may be higher than you expected. Still, it would be better to know about the approximate pricing of repairing a laptop screen.

If you have a standard laptop whose screen is damaged and you want to replace the screen, it would cost you around 190$ to install a standard HD screen for your laptop. For the users, who need an HD+ screen, it will cost them 220$ approx. A Full HD screen will require 250$.

For Apple Mac users, the cost to repair a laptop screen is slightly higher than the standard laptop. The replacement LCD screen of a 13-inch laptop will cost you around 290$ while to replace just a front glass will cost you 149$ approx. For a 15-inch Apple Mac laptop, the cost would be 330$ for LCD replacement while 159$ for front glass replacement.

If you have different company laptops and want to repair the laptop screen, the table below will help you find the approximate cost to repair a laptop screen.

Laptop Brand Price (in USD)
Apple Laptop Screen 70$ to 240$
Dell Laptop Screen 45$ to 130$
HP Laptop Screen 50$ to 95$
Acer Laptop Screen 60$ to 100$
Samsung Laptop Screen 60$ to 110$
Asus Laptop Screen 45$ to 90$
Lenovo Laptop Screen 55$ to 90$
Toshiba Laptop Screen 50$ to 95$
Compaq Laptop Screen 50$ to 65$
Sony Vaio Laptop Screen 45$ to 95$


A screen damaged laptop becomes nearly useless when it comes to portability. In that situation, it’s necessary for you to repair your laptop screen to continue working with it. Since the cost to repair a laptop screen varies with the laptop model, the above guide will help you find the approximate price to repair the screen of your laptop model.

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