How to connect to WiFi on Pop!_OS

WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is a wireless technology through which devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets can be connected to the internet. Internet signals are converted into radio signals by WiFi routing devices, and then those signals can be accessed by any modern electronic device that supports WiFi to use the internet. In this follow-up, we will discuss the ways to connect WiFi on Pop!_OS.

How to connect to WiFi on Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is the Ubuntu-based distribution of Linux and a user can be connected to Wifi by both methods either using the terminal or simply using the GUI (Graphical User Interface):

Method 1: Connecting to WiFi on Pop!_OS through the terminal

To connect to WiFi on the Pop!_OS through terminal we use the nmcli command; for this first, we will find out the wireless interface name of our device, run the command:

$ iw dev

The above output displayed the name of the WiFi interface as “wlp2s0”, to scan the available wifi connections, we can execute the command:

$ sudo iwlist wlp2s0 scan | grep -i ESSID

In the available connections, the connection to which we are supposed to connect is “Restricted….”, to connect it, use the command:

$ nmcli dev wifi connect Restricted….

Note: In the above command “Restricted….” is my WiFi interface name. It could be any name set by the WiFi user.

Once the command is executed, it will ask for the password as it is secured by a password, provide the password:

As the connect button is pressed, the WiFi connection will be established successfully.

Method 2 : Connecting to WiFi on Pop!_OS through GUI

The other method to connect to WiFi on Pop!_OS is very much convenient as it is through GUI(Graphical user interface); for this purpose go to the right top corner of the screen and click on the arrow icon and then on “Wi-Fi Not Connected” option in the dropdown menu:

The available WiFi connections will appear, choose your desired WiFi network and click on the connect button:

The WiFi has been successfully connected.


WiFi is a way of communication by which the whole world has become a global village, every person is now connected to the internet. It’s not convenient to connect devices like laptops and smartphones to the internet through cables, so for ease, WiFi technology was introduced through which people can connect to internet devices wirelessly. In this follow-up, the ways of connecting to WiFi on Pop!_OS are discussed by using terminal and GUI.

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