How to connect to bluetooth on Pop!_OS

With the development of Bluetooth technology, not only wired handsets are replaced by Bluetooth devices but also speakers attached to the computers are replaced by wireless Bluetooth speakers. These Bluetooth devices connect through the UHF radio waves; they provide good sound and voice quality and are very much popular nowadays. So, in this write-up, we will discuss the methods by which Bluetooth devices are connected on Pop!_OS Linux.

How to connect a Bluetooth Device on Pop!_OS

There are two main methods to connect Bluetooth devices on Pop!_OS; through the terminal and through Graphical User Interface:

Method 1: Connecting a Bluetooth Device on Pop!_OS through the terminal

The first method to connect the Bluetooth devices on the Pop!_OS is through the CLI (command-line interface). By executing some simple commands we can connect any Bluetooth device. First, we will find the Bluetooth device name of Pop!_OS using:

$ hcitool dev

In the above output, “hci0” is the name of our Bluetooth device of Pop!_OS, using this device, we will scan the available Bluetooth devices in the surroundings and display the information of the device using the flag -i:

$ hcitool -i hci0 scan

The available device name is “46:D6:69:BC:5B:D9” is its mac address and “K6+” is its assigned name, we will use its mac address in further steps. Execute the Bluetooth service by the command:

$ bluetoothctl

Once the service is started, power on the Bluetooth if it is not, using:

# power on

Again scan the available Bluetooth devices:

# scan

Put the device, in the list of trusted devices so next time it will connect automatically by using the command:

# trust 46:D6:69:BC:5B:D9

After adding the device to the list of trusted devices, connect to the device, using:

# connect 46:D6:69:BC:5B:D9

To disconnect the Bluetooth device, use the command:

# disconnect 46:D6:69:BC:5B:D9

Method 2: Connecting a Bluetooth Device on Pop!_OS through GUI

Another method in Pop!_OS to connect Bluetooth devices is through the GUI (graphical user interface). First, open the Settings of the Pop!_OS by clicking on the Settings on the right top corner of window, then  go to the Bluetooth section, toggle the button to turn on the Bluetooth, and choose the device from the available Bluetooth devices to connect to it:

In the available devices I am selecting “K6+”, click on it, prompt will appear:

Again toggle the “Connection” button to connect with it, and when you want to remove the Bluetooth device, simply choose the “Remove Device”.


Bluetooth devices connect to other devices to share data using the radio frequency, these devices consume less power and are of low cost.  They can easily be connected to laptops and smartphones. The Pop!_OS is the Ubuntu-based distribution of Linux and contains the Bluetooth package by default in it. In this write-up, we have discussed two methods; CLI and GUI methods; both are easy and understandable to connect Bluetooth on the Pop!_OS.

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