Are Chromebook Laptops Safe For Online Banking?

Although Chromebooks are designed for searching and browsing mainly, it doesn’t mean that there is a compromise on the most important feature like security. When it comes to security, Chromebooks are secure like MacBooks and Windows laptops. Security protection comes built-in into Chromebook with features like virus protection, sandboxing, and verified boots. If you are into banking and looking for the answer if the Chromebook is a safe option or not, then this guide will help you to identify more about it in detail.

How Secure is a Chromebook?

Chromebook has a Chrome OS that is derived from the Linux operating system. If you are looking for a secure laptop, then Chromebook is the best you can buy. Linux is the most secure operating system, allowing an open-source development feature that minimizes the security issues at their lowest. Chromebooks have other built-in features as well:

1: Sandboxing: Sandboxing means isolation of software. Chromebook keeps its software in separate pieces because if one piece is affected by any virus, the other pieces are secured.

2: Verified boot: When the Chromebook starts, it runs a security check, and that is done through verified boots. Chrome OS checks itself if there is some problem in the background or if anything is corrupted, then Chromebook repairs that damage automatically through the verified boot.

3: Security chip: These are present in the Chromebook to encrypt the data to make it safer. The data like downloads, cache files, and cookies will automatically be encrypted through the security chip.

4: Virus protection: This feature will protect the Chromebook from virus attacks, malware, and phishing attacks, and you don’t need to install a third-party security software for protection.

5: Recovery: A Chromebook can easily be reset to the factory setting without any data loss through this feature.

Are Chromebooks Safe For Banking?

Yes, Chromebooks are safe for banking, and in fact, Chromebooks are more advanced when it comes to security because they have built-in security features, virus protection, and verified boot features. If you are using an online banking website in Google Chrome in your Chromebook, then Chromebooks are safe options.


Chromebooks are the safest devices available in the market when it comes to online banking as Chromebooks have Chrome OS, which is derived from Linux, the most secure operating system to date. Still, you should enable two-factor authentication while using the online banking feature on your Chromebook. Other than that, you don’t have to install any security features and third-party apps on your Chromebook for online banking.

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