How to Write and Use an OR Symbol in LaTeX

Everyone knows the OR symbol and how you can write it down on paper. The OR symbol is used for any two values ​​whose “truth values” can be true for both or only one. You need to know that you always display the OR symbol as v (Latin word) instead of “V”. Both symbols appear the same, but it is entirely wrong to write them in this way.

There is a specific method to write and use the OR symbol in LaTeX. However, many users are unaware of it. If you are one of them, please read this tutorial. In this tutorial, we explain the way to write and use the OR symbol in LaTeX.

How to Write and Use an OR Symbol in LaTeX

LaTeX is a document processor that provides complete support to the user in formatting any document, thesis, etc. While preparing any document, you can easily use the “OR” symbol in LaTeX to explain the relationship between the two values. There is a simple command to display the “OR” symbol. Refer to the following:


You can also understand better with the example. Let’s take two values, A and B. Here, we use the “OR” symbol to create a relation between both values. You can use the following source code to display the “OR” symbol in LaTeX:



$(A \vee B)$


After compiling the previous source code, you will get the following result:

The output A v B stands for A or B. Either A and B can be true here, or both values are true. You can also use the different values instead of A and B to get the answer as per your requirements:

$(X \vee Y)$

Here is the compiled format:


In any technical information, an OR symbol provides the details about two different values to evaluate which one is true. You can also use this OR symbol in the document processor like LaTeX. That’s why we have written this tutorial to give you a brief look at the source code to write and use the OR symbols in LaTeX.

You can use this symbol easily. However, many people use the V sign instead of the OR symbols, but we don’t recommend you to use it as this can reduce the authenticity. If you want more tutorials on LaTeX, you can visit the Linuxhint website.

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