How to Write and Use the Integral Symbols in LaTeX

An integral(∫) is a mathematical symbol integrated geometrically to the portion beneath a function’s curve between the two points. In higher-level mathematics and physics, integrals are highly used. The integral symbol denotes the integral operation. See the following example of an integral symbol used in an expression:


The given expression means getting hold of the function’s integral concerning the given variable. For example, in the given expression, the function is f(x) and the variable is x from a to b.

LaTeX contains features designed to produce technical documentation. The tricky part of using LaTeX is that a tiny documentation mistake can give you an error during compilation. So, it is essential to learn the correct source code to write the symbols correctly. In this tutorial, we will explain the ways to use the source code to write the integral symbols in LaTeX.

How to Write and Use the Integral Symbols in LaTeX

Before moving forward to the examples, let’s take a look at the different source codes that you can use to write the various types of integral symbols in LaTeX:

Type Source Code Result
Integral $$\int$$
Double Integral $$\iint$$ ∫∫
Triple Integral $$\iiint$$ ∫∫∫
Quadruple integral $$\iiiint$$ ∫∫∫∫
Contour integral $$\oint$$
Integral Limit $\int_{a}^b f(x)dx$ ∫ a b f ( x ) d x
Double integral with dots $$\idotsint$$ ∫ ⋯ ∫
Double integral with limits $$\int_{a}^b\int_{c}^d f(x,y)dxdy$$ ∫ a b ∫ c d f ( x, y ) d x d y

Let’s take an example to see how to use the LaTeX integral symbols in the documentation and shows the result:














You will get the following output after compiling the document in LaTeX:

To get the right results from the \int command, use the amsmath package because it compiles the source code accordingly.


Indeed, the integral symbol is one of those mathematical symbols that is highly used in the scientific and technical documentation. This symbol is used whenever there is a need to denote the integral operation.

Just be careful while using the integral symbols in LaTeX, as a tiny mistake can give you errors during compilation. Hence, use the right package and source codes while compiling any document in LaTeX. We also uploaded multiple tutorials on LaTeX symbols. Check them out.

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