How to Switch Midjourney Version 4 to Version 5?

Generative Artificial Intelligence continues to awe the world with its incredible potential and exceptional skills like ChatGPT, DALL-E, etc. Midjourney is becoming a new but efficient player in this field. With every new advancement, Midjourney strives to provide its users with the best version of AI art generators. However, each version of Midjourney significantly differs from the other.

This article enlists the switching between Midjourney V5 and Midjourney V4.

Is Midjourney V5 Available In Midjourney?

Midjourney has released the newest and better version of 5.2. From the realms of Generative AI, this new and enhanced version of Midjourney aims to create images with much sharper resolution and details along with photorealism.

How to Switch Midjourney Version 4 to Version 5?

If you are using Midjourney Version 4, and want to switch to Version 5, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Midjourney Discord Server

After accessing the Midjourney website, open the Midjourney Discord server:

Step 2: Type the “/settings” Command

Now, type the “/settings” command in the text prompt and press the “Enter” button:

Step 3: Display Model Version

Now, users can visualize the current Midjourney model version which is the V4 as seen below:

Step 4: Switch Midjourney Version 5.2

Now, choose the latest version “Midjourney Model V5.2” from the dropdown list:

Alternative: Switch to Version 5 by Adding the –version or –v Parameter

You can also switch to Version 5 by adding the –v 5 parameters to your prompt when you use the /imagine command. To do so, if users want to generate an image type “a brown hairy cat –version 5.2” using Version 5:

The output shows that the generated image has all the features of Midjourney Version 5.

Once you have switched to Version 5, you will be able to generate images with the new features and improvements.

What is the Difference Between Midjourney Version 4 and Version 5?

As Midjourney continues to strive for better and better, it was only natural that the enhanced version V5 was underway; catering to all the previous shortcomings of V4. There are various different enhancements made to V5 which now makes it superior to V4. The neural network of this version is better than ever and is capable of creating strikingly lifelike stunning visuals.

Here are some of the major updates between V4 and V5 are listed below:

1.     Achieving Photorealism

Midjourney V5 introduces photorealism at its finest. According to the creators of Midjourney, this new model is able to create hyper realistic images with more accurate details. Midjourney V5 has been developed on new neural architecture and different aesthetic techniques are embedded into it. The model has been trained on an “AI supercluster” for about five months which advances its ability and skills to generate images that are much closer to reality and the intended outcome.

2.     Sharpness and Details

The ability of V5 to enhance the details of the image increases the sharpness so that it is almost impossible to detect if the image is created by AI or not. Here is a brief comparison of it:

3.     Diverse Variety of Styles

Developers of Midjourney have also introduced various styling patterns in V5. One of the most attractive features of this version is the “Tiling” parameter. Tiling is ideal for repeating patterns. The fact that this repeating pattern will be in an orderly manner is enough to determine the exceptional ability of Artificial Intelligence.

4.     Accuracy in Input Prompts

Midjourney V5 is not only capable of producing higher resolution images but also it can generate images that were intended by the user and mentioned in the prompt. It has been suggested that in order to achieve higher accuracy, provide a prompt that is explicitly longer and provide a detailed explanation of the intended image.

5.     Higher Resolution and Upscaling Speed

This new update of Midjourney can exceed the previous limit of resolution of V4 which is 512 pixels. V5 is now generating images of 1024 x 1024 pixels. At the current moment, V5 upscales to 1024 x 1024 pixels which as compared to v4 is a significant improvement as V4 images had to be upscaled to reach this limit of resolution.


To switch Midjourney version 4 to version 5, type the “/settings” command in the text prompt, press the “Enter” button, and choose the latest version “Midjourney Model V5.2” from the dropdown list. Midjourney V4 and V5 differ greatly in terms of resolution, sharpness, styling, file size, upscaling speed, details, accuracy, support, etc. Midjourney continues to upgrade its versions to assist a better user experience. This article highlights the switching between Midjourney V4 and V5.

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