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Integrated vs Dedicated Graphics Card Which to Use and Why?

Graphics card also refers to GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), which is used to render an image to your computer screen by converting data into the signal form so the monitor can understand it. If you are about to buy a graphics card or in the future but are confused about which graphics card is better between Integrated and dedicated ones, then no Worries!

In this blog manual, we will talk about the:

Let’s go through each of the mentioned points one by one!

Types of Graphics Cards

There are two types of graphics adapters: “Integrated” and “Dedicated”. An integrated graphics card is installed on the system board and utilizes computer memory, while a Dedicated graphics card is an external graphics card whose working is based on its own memory.

Check out the below-given section to understand the types of graphics cards.

What are Integrated Graphics Cards?

If you have an integrated graphics card installed on your computer, then your system can handle both CPU and GPU processes with ease. Integrated graphics card comes preinstalled in the computer system, so you don’t need to worry about buying an extra graphics card for it. Its size is small and consumes low power and utilizes the system’s memory.


Here, we have listed some fantastic features of the integrated graphics card:

    • Uses low power
    • Affordable
    • Does not produce much heat
    • Performs everyday graphics-related tasks efficiently
    • Does not take extra space

What are Dedicated Graphics Cards?

Dedicated graphics card refers to a separate graphics card hardware that can be installed on the system’s motherboard externally in its slots. This type of graphic card does not use the system’s memory as it has its own memory. The dedicated graphics card is specially designed for hardcore gamers, graphics designers, and video editors. It is majorly utilized to use software, such as Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and AutoCAD.

Nowadays the dedicated graphics card is helping people earn money by mining the crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins.


    • High performance
    • It has its own memory
    • High speed
    • Best for gamers and graphic designers

Comparison Table

Features Integrated Graphics Card Dedicated Graphics Card
Cost Cheaper Expensive
Performance Low performance High performance
Upgradation Can not be upgraded Can be upgraded
Power Usage Consumes less power Consumes high power
Processing Power Lower Higher
RAM Uses Systems RAM Uses its own RAM


Well, it depends upon how you use a computer daily. If you perform daily basis tasks like watching movies, surfing on the internet, performing some office work, or studying, then you should use an integrated graphics card because it can handle these tasks quite normally without any hassle. However, if you like to play heavy games, and create graphic designs, or videos, then go for the Dedicated graphics card.


Integrated graphics card is installed on the motherboard, and it uses the system’s memory, while a dedicated graphics card is an external graphics card, and it has its own memory. The dedicated graphics card has more power and features as compared to integrated graphics card. However, everybody has their own taste and requirements when choosing the graphics card, so it’s up to you. This write-up compared Integrated and Dedicated graphics cards efficiently.

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