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Install Slack on elementary OS

We live in a world closely linked through communications. Above all, it’s more dominant in the computer world where it’s possible to make work teams with people from many parts of the world. However, the success of a project depends on the ability of its members to transmit ideas and initiate an effective communication process. There are many tools that allow us to communicate using the internet. Of all of them, email remains one of the most popular as well as mobile messaging with WhatsApp, Telegram and others at the top of the list. However, these are not solutions applicable to serious work teams and simulations. Rather, they focus on common users. For advanced workspace, Slack is a specialized tool. It’s highly optimized for the best team collaboration in an effective manner. Today, we will teach you how to install Slack in elementary OS as a solution to communication problems in work teams.

Slack and your teamwork

As I said before, effective communications are necessary for a successful project. This is where Slack comes in to help us with this.

Slack is a centralized messaging application, where you can bring your team together in a personalized room where you can share files and information. Its main advantage is that it can be deployed in channels where they can be found in a more organized way, by topics, departments, and projects. That is to say, all fit and everything is ordered.

In addition, aware that everything is interconnected, the Slack team adds integrations with other popular services such as Trello, GitHub, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

On the other hand, Slack has strong security algorithm standards, ensuring that your data and information is transmitted securely.

As if this were not enough, it is also possible to share the current work screen and make voice and video calls within the same application and channels.

How it works

Slack works similarly to an IRC client. That is, all members must install the application and be added to a team domain, that is, space where all members of your organization will be. Once everyone is inside, it is possible to create channels where each member can form their sub-team. Vital for everyone to be in your specialized team.

From then on, the operation is very simple and similar to any chat of yesteryear, however, with all the power and integration of Slack.

Install Slack on elementary OS

Slack is not only available for Linux, but also for Windows and macOS. In the case of mobile phones, it is also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. As you can see, Slack allows being in constant communication with your work team.

In the case of elementary OS, installation is quite simple. There are 2 ways of installing Slack – using the official DEB package or using the Slack snap package.

  • DEB package

First, go to the download section on the Slack website.

You have the option to download and install the DEB package. elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, so all DEB packages that are intended to work on Debian/Ubuntu ecosystem will work on elementary OS.

Note – some of them may not work properly as they may target SPECIFIC distros.

Once you have downloaded it, open your terminal and proceed to install it.

sudo apt install ./slack-desktop-3.3.7-amd64.deb

  • Snap package

Make sure that your system has snapd –

sudo apt install snapd

Once you’re ready, run the following command for installing Slack –

sudo snap install slack --classic

Using Slack for the first time

After this, we will be able to run Slack from the main menu.

As you can see, if we already have a ditch with Slack, we just have to introduce it. If not, click “Create a new workspace”.

In the next screen, we have to introduce the mail to which the Slack workspace is going to be associated.

Then we will have to open the mail and enter the code Slack sent us. Next, we have to type the name of our company or team. After that, click on the next button.

Now, it’s necessary to write down what our team or company will be working on. Something like the objective. For example, web server.

After that, on the next screen, we will be able to add the other members of the team. Obviously, we also have the option to integrate them with an inbound link. Ideal if there are many.

If everything went well, you will see a screen like this one, indicating that the process was successful.

Now we can see Slack’s main screen working and ready to use.

And that is it, now we can enjoy Slack at elementary OS.


Slack is a great application to manage communication across a large team. Its features place it at the top of its category.

We must keep in mind that effective communication will make our projects more likely to succeed. Enjoy this wonderful application!

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