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Elementary OS vs Manjaro

There are way more options available in Linux than Windows or macOS, so every coding enthusiast wants to switch from these operating systems to Linux. However, it always becomes confusing to choose a single Linux operating system because there is a huge distros list. If you are also looking for a Linux distro for your mid-end hardware, read the article below as we compare two of the middleweight Linux distros. You will get complete information on Elementary OS vs. Manjaro with a side-by-side comparison.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS is an amazing middleweight Linux operating system based on Ubuntu, so it is an open-source and fast Linux operating system. You can use Elementary OS if you are looking for a replacement for macOS and Windows as it provides compatibility to use various applications.

Elementary consists of a custom desktop environment known as Pantheon and has custom applications for videos, photos, music, and other work. Pantheon has amazing features that are beneficial for keeping the desktop clean and enhancing the workflow, like it includes a picture in picture mode, multi-tasking views, and DND mode.

Features of Elementary OS

There are multiple features in Elementary OS, so here is the list of these features:

  • Elementary OS consists of Pantheon, so you can easily make visual changes on the desktop.
  • Elementary OS has a night light mode in Elementary OS.
  • It has a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet.
  • This Linux OS has various settings for the mouse, touchpad, and Bluetooth.
  • Elementary OS’s latest version is 5.1.5, which has important file improvements to eliminate bugs.


Manjaro is a unique Linux operating system based on Arch Linux that provides good features and tools to newbies. It is a free and open-source OS and consists of pre-installed applications for the user’s convenience. This Linux Distro is easy to install, so it is suitable for all beginners, mid-level, and experienced Linux users.

It is developed by Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG, and this company rapidly works to give continuous updates to all users. Manjaro is distinct from other OS as it provides full control over hardware. Users can easily run various applications of Windows like Proton, PlayonLinux, and Wine by Steam.

Features of Manjaro

Let’s consider the top features offered by Manjaro:

  • This Linux operating system is free to use.
  • Anyone can easily use it on their mid-end hardware requirements.
  • This Linux distro provides appropriate compatibility for various tools.
  • Manjaro has amazing community support for the users.
  • It is compatible with 64 Bit architectures.

Elementary OS vs. Manjaro: System Requirements

Factors Manjaro Elementary OS
Category Low-end hardware to Mid-end hardware Mid-end hardware
Minimum RAM requirements 1GB recommended 4GB recommended
Minimum Processor Requirements 1GHz processor dual-core 64bit recommended

Elementary OS vs Manjaro: Comparison Table

Factors Elementary OS Manjaro
Created By A group of UX specialists creates it. Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG
Skills Required Beginner Beginner to mid-level
Based On Ubuntu Arch
Best For It is best for general purposes. It is best for general purposes.
Software Support Software support is not better than Manjaro. It offers amazing software support.
Hardware Requirements Mid-end hardware Mid-end hardware
Ease of use It is easy to use It requires a little bit of knowledge.
Stability It is better than Manjaro in terms of stability. It is a stable Linux OS.
Release Cycles There is no specific release cycle as it is based on Ubuntu. There is no specific release cycle as developers rapidly work to provide upgrades.


That was a thorough detail on Elementary OS vs. Manjaro with a side-by-side comparison. This article aims to give you good information to choose one of these Linux distros to fulfill your requirements. In our opinion, Manjaro is best for those who want a Linux environment for gaming, and Elementary OS is best for those who want a Linux environment who want an aesthetically delightful distro. We also recommend you read the comparison Elementary OS vs. Linux Mint to help choose the OS of your choice.

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