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How to Install uTorrent Client on Linux Mint 21

The uTorrent is the free closed-source BitTorrent client and is most widely used to download many files. It downloads the files quickly and efficiently without slowing down your online activities. Users who are unable to find the files on the internet can easily locate them without any hassle. uTorrent is lightweight and the best way for transferring files within two systems.  The installation of uTorrent is different on Linux than on Windows and Mac. This article will demonstrate how to install uTorrent on Linux Mint 21.

How to Install uTorrent Client on Linux Mint 21

The best possible easiest way to install uTorrent on Linux Mint is by Snap package manager, but first, you need to install it. For the installation of the snap package manager on Linux Mint 21 read this guide and afterwards execute:

$ sudo snap install utorrent


How to Use the uTorrent Client on Linux Mint 21

Once the installation process is finished, run the following command to launch the uTorrent on Linux Mint 21:

$ utorrent


Search for the uTorrent file on the browser and it will appear under the downloading tab of uTorrent:

How to Uninstall uTorrent Client from Linux Mint 21

uTorrent can easily be removed from Linux Mint 21. All you must do is execute the below command:

$ sudo snap remove utorrent


Bottom Line

uTorrent is the client of BitTorrent and is most popular for downloading large sized files. This tool is efficient and lightweight, easy to use, and is a popular p2p file-sharing platform. Installing uTorrent on Linux mint 21 is simply easy. All you must do is install it from the snap package via a simple command, however you need to install the Snap package first.

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