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How to Fix “Driver Power State Failure” BSOD Error

The Blue Screen of death error normally pop ups when something in the system is causing hindrance in functioning of the Windows. As a result it randomly restarts the PC. The blue screen can appear due to various errors and that specific error is always stated at the bottom of the screen. The “Driver Power State Failure” that comes with BSOD is mainly due to faulty drivers of any device of the computer. So, if you are experiencing the same error then read this guide as I have explained some of the potential fixes that can make this error go away.

What is the “Driver Power State Failure” Error?

Whenever you encounter any error, always try to understand the error first before jumping to the solution. So, in our case the error explains itself very clearly that there is fault in one of drivers of computer devices or there is any incompatible hardware or in some cases it might be due to the power settings of your computer.

Fixing the “Driver Power State Failure” BSOD Error

The Blue Screen of Death has always been a cause of frustration among the Windows operating system users because it randomly restarts the PC, and you can lose all of your unsaved data. Following are the fixes that you can be tried to resolve the “Driver Power State Failure” error:

Reinstall or Update the Problematic Driver

The first solution is to look for any problematic drivers on your computer device manager, just go through the steps to reinstall or update the problematic driver:

Step 1: Open your Device Manager by pressing Windows+X key from your computer keyboard:

Step 2: Next, see if there is any yellow triangle having mark of exclamation with any driver, once you have found one double click on and you will see its status:

Step 3: Now, go to the driver tab and you will come across the option of uninstallation, just click on the uninstall button and restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved:

Step 4: If the issue persists then go for updating the driver hopefully the issue will be resolved now.

Adjust your Computer Power Settings

The next solution you can try is changing the power settings of your computer so just follow the given steps:

Step 1: Open your control panel by searching the it on the search bar of the Windows:

Step 2: Next go to “Power Options” in the “System and Security” option of the control panel:

Next Select the “Balanced” option and see if the issue is resolved as in the balanced mode every device gets right amount of power so that it functions properly:

Disconnect any External Device that has Compatibility Issues

Most of the time this error can be caused by any external device connected with your computer that has compatibility issues. So, in that case remove that particular device and restart your computer, if any external device connected is not compatible with Windows it notifies that “Unable to Recognize the Device”, in that case you need to remove the device asap to avoid such error.

Check for Windows Update

Windows is always on the look for the updates for its device which also includes the driver updates as well. So, instead of updating each driver one by one you should check for Windows update in its settings and do not forget to see the option updates as well:

Reset your Windows to Factory Settings

Still getting the same error despite trying all the solutions then the resetting the PC is the last resort for you, just go through the following steps to Reset your PC:

Step 1:  Press the Windows+I key to open the settings of the Windows and from there go to the “Update and Security” option:

Step 2: Next go to the “Recovery” option from the menu on the left and click on the Get Started option under “Reset this PC” option:

Next click on the “Remove everything” option and your PC will start to reset:

This will definitely remove this error.


The “Driver Power State Failure” is a blue screen of death error that is caused by a faulty device driver, incompatible hardware or due to power settings of the computer. The blue screen of death error randomly restarts the PC due to which any unsaved data can be lost. To avoid such errors, keep your drivers updated, keep your power settings balanced and avoid plugging in any incompatible devices.

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