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Which Utility Is Equivalent to PathPing Command

Pathping command is a command-line utility that provides complete information about network latency and network loss from source to destination. Whenever you run a pathping command, it sends you path details between two hosts. Pathping command has come with the combined functionality of ping and tracert (trace route) commands.

Using the ping command, you can check network connectivity, whereas tracert command helps to trace path and reveals how much time an IP packet will take to reach its destined location. But the Pathping command does both functions as it has advanced features to measure network latency and network loss spots.

For those who are unaware of network latency, it displays a time period between hops that shows how much time IPV4 datagram takes along the path to destination.

The main advantage of the pathping command is that in a response of a single command each of the nodes is pinged. But its drawback is it takes more time like 25 seconds per hop to display ping statistics.

Which Utility is Equivalent to pathping Command

Some users don’t wish to work with the pathping command and search for the other one having the same functions as pathping command has.

So, when looking for an alternative to the pathping command tool, we only see the “mtr” command-line utility that works the same as pathping command does.

The mtr command also comes with the combined functionality of ping and traceroute command. It is used as a diagnostic tool that determines networking problems of sent packets. This command-line utility sends a network packet to the destination and displays in-depth information about the complete route. It also checks the errors came across hop to hop analyses and response time from source to destination.

The mtr utility uses ICMP protocol to determine tests during troubleshooting of a network. This command can create several tracert results and provide results based on two factors i.e., network latency and packet loss. There is no limitation for TCP port, you can check connectivity tests on any TCP port.


Some people don’t wish to use the pathping command utility as it takes time to display ping statistics, the mtr command is the best substitute to it. It is used as a diagnostic tool that determines networking problems of sent packets and provides results based on network latency and packet loss.

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