Computer Hardware and Operating System Requirements – Roblox

Roblox is the global online gaming platform where users can create games and play games designed by other users. Every game and app require a system requirement, and if the app/game is not compatible with the system requirements, then the Specific software will not run. The same goes with Roblox, it has some requirements for PC, laptops, Xbox, and mobile phones. Want to know more about the system requirements for Roblox, read this guide.

What are System Requirements?

These are minimum requirements that the system must have in order to run Roblox Smoothly, failing to have these requirements will result in bad performance or failed installation of the application. OS requirements identify the minimum OS version or hardware requirement specified as processor type RAM and System’s memory.

Computer Hardware and Operating System Requirements – Roblox

The minimum requirements to install and play the Roblox on different devices are:

1: For PCs and Laptops

The different software and hardware requirements for the non-mobile devices are:

Software requirements
The operating system requirements of non-mobile devices like laptops, MacBook, and Chromebook are listed below:

Laptop Type Operating System Browser
Windows based Windows 10/ Windows 8/ and Windows 7 Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
macOS based macOS 10.11 or above Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Chrome OS based Chrome OS 53 or above Must enable Google play store
Linux based Does not support Roblox —————

Hardware Requirements
The hardware requirements for non-Mobile devices are:

Specifications Minimum Recommended
Processor Recent processor with 1.6GHz Dual-core 3.8 GHz
Storage 20Mb 1GB
GPU DirectX 9 not more than 5-year-old GPU and shader model 2.0 DirectX 10 not more than 3-year-old GPU

2: For Mobile Devices

The minimum requirements to install the Roblox on the mobile devices are:

Mobile Devices OS RAM Storage
Android OS 5.0 Lollipop or higher with ARMv7 Processor 512 RAM 476MB
Apple iPad 2 or higher iOS 9 or higher iPod touch 5th generation 1GB 476MB

3: Xbox One

You can play Roblox on the Xbox one; the minimum requirements to play Roblox on the Xbox one is:

  • Xbox One console
  • Xbox Live Gold account
  • Stable internet connection

Internet Requirements
The internet requirement to play Roblox online on Mobile and non-mobile devices are:

  • 4-8Mb/s internet for non-mobile devices
  • 3G or 4G for mobile devices


Every app or software you install in your device has a set of system requirements, and if your device falls under that requirement then the software or that specific app will not run trouble free on your device. In the case of Roblox, system requirements differ for both mobile and non-mobile devices. Check the information mentioned above to know about the minimum system requirements of Roblox in different devices.

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