How to Shift Lock on Roblox

Every game requires the movement of your avatar and to make it easy Roblox provides the feature of shift lock. The purpose of the shift lock is to keep moving the camera with the movement of the player using the mouse and shift key. It also works in the 3rd person mode, like when your whole character is visible in the game. To know how to turn on and use the shift lock feature in Roblox games read this guide as it explains the whole process stepwise.

Using Shift Lock on Roblox

One of the main features that influences the gameplay of the game is how much it is easy to move the character while playing. Roblox comes with the feature of shift lock that removes the hassle of using the A, S, D keys for moving the character when in 3rd person mode. Follow the steps below to use the shift lock feature in Roblox:

Step 1: Login to your Roblox account and start the game which comes with 3rd person camera, for example like Rocket Arena:

Step 2: Once you have started the game go to the pause menu by either pressing the ESC or by clicking the Roblox icon on the top left side in the game:

Once you have opened the pause menu go to the “Settings” tab:

Step 3: Now turn on the “Shift Lock Switch” on and set the camera position to Default (classic):

Next change your movement mode to “Keyboard + Mouse” so that you can also use the mouse for the movement of the character:

Now you are all set, just press the shift key in the game to move your character using the mouse and W, S keys of the keyboard.

Using the Shift Lock on Roblox Mobile

In mobile the shift lock feature is on by default and there is no option for turning it in and off from the settings:

To turn off and on the shift, lock just click on the lock icon on your mobile screen:

This is how you can use the shift lock on your cell phone while playing Roblox games.


To turn on the shift lock feature in Roblox, turn the shift lock option on, change the camera settings to default and change movement settings to Keyboard + Mouse in the settings tab of the pause menu. The significance of the shift lock is that it makes it quite easy for the players to move their character in the game especially in the combat or free roam games. Moreover, the camera movements get synchronized with the movement of the character, also note that it only works in 3rd person view of the character.

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