How to Sell Roblox Items?

Roblox is considered one of the most favorable platforms for online gaming as it adds more fun in playing different games by providing the opportunity to buy, create and sell different avatar accessories. By doing this you can fill rare items in your inventory to make it unique from other players.

Similarly, you can earn some Robux by selling the items that you do not need any longer or can create clothes of your own design and sell them at the desired price. If you are looking for a way to sell different items on Roblox and earn some Robux then read this guide.

Selling Items on Roblox

Roblox only allows selling of two types of items, one if they belong to the rare category, and the items created by the players like Shirts, T-Shirts, or pants. Another thing that one should remember is that Roblox requires the players to be premium members first if they want to sell items from their inventory. The process for selling the rare items and the items created by users is different so I have explained both processes separately:

Selling the Rare Items in Roblox

If you have any rare items that might include different gears, hats, bundles like headless horseman or any unique design clothes that you bought in the past from the Roblox store and comes under the category of Limited or Limited U then go through the following steps:

Step1: Open your Roblox account and go to your inventory, to identify if the item is rare, Roblox has marked such items with Limited or Limited U, so if you have one click on it.

Step2: Next click on the Ellipsis icon above the Buy now button and price of the item and from the drop-down menu click on sell, a box will open where you can enter your desired price. Always remember that once the price conformed cannot be edited so enter it correctly.

Selling Clothes Created by Yourself on Roblox

If you have any large collection of Shirts, T-shirts, and Pants that you created by yourself on Roblox then you can sell them at your desired price. Though there is a minimum price bracket given by Roblox and that is you can sell shirts/pants starting from 5 Robux and T-shirts for minimum 2 Robux. The process of selling custom made clothes on Roblox is quite easy and given in the steps below:

Step1: Go to your customization menu for avatar by clicking on the “Avatar” icon on in the menu list in the left side:

Step2: Next click on the “All” option from the drop-down menu of the “Recent” where you will see everything you inventory has:

Step3: So now for instance I want to sell my T-shirt named “clip123”. I will just click on its name. Once it is opened separately, I will click on the Ellipsis icon on the top right side and from there go to the “Configure” option:

Step 4: Next click on the “Sales” option on the left side of the webpage, here you can change its name and add some description as well for the T-Shirt:

Once you clicked on the “Sales” icon turn it on and give your desired price for it, after that click on the “Save” icon and your T-shirt will be listed for sale:

Follow the same process for Shirts and pants, so this how you can sell clothes on Roblox


There are few things that you should keep in mind while selling clothes on Roblox and those are:

  • You need 10 Robux in your account to sell any item on Roblox.
  • 30% of the price offered by the seller will go to Roblox.
  • The Robux will be transferred to your account within 30 days of selling of the item.


Roblox provides its users with the opportunity to create clothes of their own design that they can also list for sale on Roblox stores and earn some Robux. To sell items on Roblox that are custom made go to its sales option and offer your desired price and to sell rare items go to their details page.

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