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How to Remove PPA Repositories from Linux Mint 21

A Personal Package Archive (PPA) is a repository of software packages for Linux systems. It allows developers to build and distribute software packages directly to users, without going through the official distribution channels. So, if you are new to Linux and have installed some applications through PPA and now want to remove those repositories then read this guide.

How to Remove PPA Repositories from Linux Int 21

There are several ways to remove Personal Package Archives (PPAs) from Linux Mint, each with its own set of steps and considerations. Here are some easy ways to remove PPAs from Linux Mint:

1: Through Terminal Commands

Using the terminal of Linux Mint there are three ways by which one can remove the PPAs and those are

Through apt Command

One way to remove the PPAs from Linux Mint using its terminal is by executing the purge command with the name of the repository, below is the syntax that one needs to follow:

$ sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:<repository-name>

For illustration I have used the above -mentioned syntax to remove the PPA repository of papirus theme from Linux Mint:

$ sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:papirus/papirus

Through rm command

Another way to remove PPA repositories from Linux Mint through the terminal is by removing from sources list, for that use the following syntax:

$ sudo rm /etc/sources.list.d/<repository-name>

For illustration I have used the above-mentioned syntax to remove the PPA repository of libreoffice from Linux Mint 21:

$ sudo rm /etc/sources.list.d/libreoffice-ppa-jammy.list

2: Through Linux Mint GUI

One of the easiest ways to remove repository on Linux Mint is by removing it using the Software Sources application and for that here are some steps that one needs to follow:

Step 1: Open the Software Sources application through the Linux Mint application menu as in the image:

Step 2: Next click on the PPAs option on the left and then select the repository you want to remove and then click on Remove button to delete that repository:


PPAs are used to provide access to software that may not be available in the official repositories or that is still in development and not yet ready for inclusion in the official repositories. This guide discusses two ways to remove repositories from Linux Mint that are through its GUI and through its terminal.

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