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Is Linux Better than Windows?

Operating systems are a core part of any device that controls all hardware, software, memory, and process. Windows, Linux, and macOS are the most popular operating systems available. Windows and macOS are best for those who primarily want a more interactive interface. On the other hand, Linux offers a less fancy environment but has multiple tools related to programming. Hence, Linux is best suitable for programming savvies.

However, there is always an argument about whether Linux is better than Windows. Therefore, if you feel the same, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will provide a brief comparison between Windows and Linux.

What is Microsoft Windows?

Windows is an excellent operating system developed by Microsoft and released for professional work and home computing. Initially, Microsoft released MS-DOS, and then the current version “Microsoft Window.” replaced it. The name “Windows” came from the GUI approach, where you can run applications and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Obviously, Windows allows users to access the internet, watch videos, play games, run software, and store and view files. To unlock extra features, purchase the additional editions of Windows. There are mainly two standard versions of Windows:

Windows Home (basic edition of Windows) are pre-installed and less expensive. It offers all the essential functions of Windows like watching videos, Microsoft Office access, playing video games, connecting to the internet, and browsing the web.

Windows Professional is also known as Win Pro and Windows Pro. This edition proves to be more beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses and power users.

What is Linux?

Linux first emerged in the mid-90s and now it has become the most popular choice of programmers. Like macOS, iOS, and Windows, Linux is also a free, secure, and the most reliable operating system. Linux is a prominent choice for running embedded, server, and desktop systems across the globe. This operating system offers the following factors:

  • Kernel: The kernel with the lowest level of the OS is called ‘Linux,’ which is a piece of the whole. The kernel manages devices, memory, and the CPU as the system’s core.
  • Applications: Like macOS and Windows, Linux also offers thousands of high-quality software you can find and install. These applications make most modern Linux distributions centralized and straightforward.
  • Desktop Environment: In Linux, you can choose a desktop environment like Xfce, Enlightenment, Pantheon, Mate, Cinnamon, or Gnome. Many desktop environments include built-in applications, such as games, web browsers, configuration tools, file managers, and etc.
  • Graphical Server: It is a sub-system for displaying graphics on your monitor. This sub-system is also commonly referred to as just X or X Server.
  • Daemons: These background services, like scheduling, sound, and printing, start after logging into the desktop or during boot.
  • Bootloader: A bootloader manages the computer’s boot process. This is just a splash screen that pops up and will be there for most users and it goes to the operating system to boot.

Linux comes in various versions for different users, including hard-core users and newbies. These versions are called “distros” as short-term distributions. It is possible to install almost any Linux distribution on as many machines as you want, burn it to a disc, or download it for free. Some of the many popular Linux distributions are‌:

  • Linux Mint
  • Opensuse
  • Elementary OS
  • Fedora
  • Solus
  • Antergos
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Manjaro

Comparison Between Linux and Windows

Topic Linux Windows
Operating System Open-source OS Not an open-source OS.
Version Free Free and paid
Kernel Monolithic Kernel. Micro Kernel.
Security Highly Secured Lesser secure than Linux
Hacking Good for hacking Lesser efficient at hacking
Command-Line Easy command-line access Easy command-line access

Is Linux Better than Windows?

There will still be doubts in many people’s minds about whether Linux is better than Windows. So, here is its answer. Some facts show why Linux is different from Windows or is more prevalent according to the demand of users.


Linux is ‌much faster than Windows. Linux is a very light operating system as compared to Windows. In Windows, there are multiple services and programs running in the background that consume RAM unnecessarily.


It is believed that the super-fast computers running worldwide run on Linux-based operating systems only. Windows run slowly on older hardware. The same Linux with its operating system properties and the modern desktop environment runs much faster than Windows 10 and 8.1. Linux is above Windows for the core capabilities of the OS, such as core tools, file system management, O/I handling, memory management, and thread scheduling.


Windows is an obvious winner if we consider gaming in Linux. Windows provides users with the opportunity to play both small indie games and AAA titles via Epic, Steam, and several other clients. Hence, Linux is not ahead in gaming as much as Windows. However, it is slowly on its way to the gaming market. Graphics card manufacturers also focus their support more on Windows.


Since its initial release, Linux OS has focused more on uptime, process management, and system security. For this reason, Linux is considered to be a reliable and notoriously secure operating system. The same Windows has improved its reliability quotient but it could still not compete with Linux. Windows omitted many features for ease of access and user-friendliness making it prone to increasing security vulnerabilities and system instability.

Ease of Use

It isn’t easy to compare which operating system is easy to use as everyone may have different views. Linux has improved its usability through continuous modernization. Those people who have less technical knowledge can easily install Linux. Its setup and installation process have been simplified with distributing distributions like the Linux Mint. Windows come pre-installed due to market dominance in many devices. Most of the users of the market are accustomed to its interface. Installing programs is easy, and using toolbars is simple, making it a splendid choice for both the old and the new user.


Linux is better than Windows on different parameters, and sometimes Windows is better than Linux. People rank these two operating systems accordingly based on the user’s technical knowledge and ease of use. In this article, we have put almost all the parameters before you and given brief information about them making you aware of which operating system is better.

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