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Comparing Linux Mint and Fedora: Which One Should You Use

Linux is the most popular and widely used operating system with different distributions and each one has its pros and cons. Linux Mint and Fedora are two popular distros of Linux, the only difference between them is Linux Mint is for beginners and Fedora is for advanced users. In this guide, we will discuss them so you can pick one that suits you best.

Linux Mint

The Linux Mint is based on Debian and Ubuntu. It is a user-friendly distro of Linux with a modern and easy to use operating system. Its interface is somehow similar to Windows. It is more stable, and reliable and provides additional security to the users.

The upgradation process is a bit difficult and it updates on a regular basis to remove bugs. It comes with pre-installed and integrated applications and everything can be done via GUI.

The Linux Mint has followings are the Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use and provides multimedia support
  • It is free and open source
  • Based on the best software managers, Debian, and Ubuntu
  • Requires little maintenance but it is stable and secure


  • It has no device manager
  • Require more device storage to run effectively
  • It has no PPA (personal package manager


Fedora is the Red-Hat community-based project that was developed to innovate the Linux servers and cloud spaces. Fedora is a well-established and competent OS. The update and installation process are faster due to the package cloud’s automated software. It comes with no proprietary applications in the package.

Fedora is more up-to-date than Linux Mint. It used the GNOME default desktop and Red Hat Package Manager DNF along with the anaconda installer.


  • It is free and simple to use but completely different from Windows and MAC
  • It has great accessibility
  • Better reliability


  • Need extra tools for servers
  • Do not work with other servers in real-time
  • It is not compatible with old hardware resources

Which One Should You Use? Linux Mint VS Fedora

The basic features comparison between Linux Mint and Fedora are:

Features Fedora Linux Mint
Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Debian, Ubuntu
User interface For advanced Linux users For beginners
Default desktop environment GNOME Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE
OS Family GNU + Linux GNU + Linux
Package Manager RPM, DNF Debian package manager (APT)
Stability Fedora is stable It is more stable
Pre-installed applications It has no default software Important applications are installed by default
Release cycles The release comes twice a year Long term every two years
32-bit support Does not support 32-bit OS Supports 32-bit OS


If you are looking for a distribution that is stable, Red Hat based, and has a decent community then Fedora is best for you. If you are looking for a more customizable distro of Linux, Debian/Ubuntu based, with additional software, security, and more stability then Linux Mint is a better choice.

Bottom Line

Linux is a powerful operating system in terms of performance. Linux systems are available in various forms and they all are open source. The two most popular and widely used Linux distros are Fedora and Linux Mint. We have compared them in detail, choosing the one that suits you the most.

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