Laravel: How to Get Current Route Name? (v5 & v6)


Before I used to take the following code in order to retrieve the current route name. Wondering if that changed in Laravel 5 or 6 ?


How can I do it in Laravel v5 and Laravel v6?


You can probably start with this


or if that doesn’t work, here is another option


Laravel v5.2

Route::currentRouteName(); //use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;

Or if you need the action name


Laravel 5.2 route documentation

Retrieving The Request URI

The path method returns the request’s URI. So, if the incoming request is targeted at, the path method will return foo/bar:

$uri = $request->path();

The is method allows you to verify that the incoming request URI matches a given pattern. You may use the * character as a wildcard when utilizing this method:

if ($request->is('admin/*')) {

To get the full URL, not just the path info, you may use the url method on the request instance:

$url = $request->url();

Laravel v5.3 … v5.8

$route = Route::current();
$name = Route::currentRouteName();
$action = Route::currentRouteAction();

Laravel 5.3 route documentation

Laravel v6.x

$route = Route::current();
$name = Route::currentRouteName();
$action = Route::currentRouteAction();

** Current as of Nov 11th 2019 – version 6.5 **

Laravel 6.x route documentation

There is an option to use request to get route


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