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How to Install WebTorrent Desktop 0.24.0 on Linux?

WebTorrent is a free and cross-platform streaming torrent application. It is a lightweight and fast torrent application with a beautiful user interface. It ensures instant downloading of audio and video clips by retrieving file pieces from the network on request. It also allows you to easily drag and drop the files, which surely makes the addition and creation of torrent easy. As of writing this post, the newest version of the WebTorrent desktop application is 0.24.0.

Install WebTorrent Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

The WebTorrent can be installed on Ubuntu 20.04 from the Debian package. Visit the WebTorrent official website ( to download the WebTorrent Debian package.

Click on ‘Download the Debian package for Ubuntu’, click on ‘Save File’, and then press ‘OK’.

Once the WebTorrent Debian package is downloaded, navigate to the Downloads directory using the appended command:

$ cd Downloads

Next, write the below-given command to install WebTorrent on Ubuntu 20.04:

$ sudo apt install ./webtorrent-desktop_0.24.0_amd64.deb

The WebTorrent desktop application will be installed successfully.

Launch and use WebTorrent Desktop Application

After the successful installation, launch the WebTorrent Desktop application either from the Application Menu or terminal.

To open it from the Application Menu, click on Application Menu and search for WebTorrent.

Click on the icon to open the WebTorrent application.

To open WebTorrent from the terminal, write:

$ webtorrent-desktop

The dashboard screen will appear.

You can now drop a torrent file or paste a magnet link from the dashboard screen to start using the torrent.

If you wish to verify the installed version of WebTorrent’s Desktop application version, click on Help and select the ‘About WebTorrent’ option.

The WebTorrent version 0.24.0 is installed on my Ubuntu 20.04.

Explore the WebTorrent application and enjoy it!

Wrapping up

The WebTorrent application is a streaming torrent application. It is a multi-platform application and can be installed on Linux based distributions using the Debian package. This guide explains the installation of the WebTorrent desktop application on Ubuntu 20.04.

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