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How to Install Web-Based Real Time Collaborative Document Editor on Linux Mint 21

Etherpad is known as web-based real-time collaborative document editor which means using Etherpad you can edit your documents and texts in real time while collaborating with other users who can use the same server for the editing. Etherpad comes with a lot of other features too. You can install Etherpad on your Linux Mint system following the guide in this article.

How to Install Web-based Real Time Collaborative Document Editor Through GitHub on Linux Mint

For the installation of Web-based Real Time Collaborative Document Editor which is also called Etherpad follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First, to install all the prerequisites, git, libssl-dev, python, curl and build-essential; execute the command mentioned below:

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

Etherpad is an online web based real time text editor and you use it on a browser so it needs Node.js to function.

Step 2: After installation of all the prerequisites now to install Node.js execute the command mentioned below:

sudo apt install -y nodejs

Step 3: Now download the Etherpad from GitHub by executing the command given below:

git clone --branch master && cd etherpad-lite

Step 4: The Etherpad also needs npm for running; so, to install npm on your system execute the command given below:

sudo apt install npm

Step 5: Now in Etherpad-lite directory execute the following command to run the Etherpad:


Step 6: Now open your browser and type the address in the address bad and press enter:

Getting Started with Etherpad on Linux Mint 21

When you run the Etherpad on your server it asks you to create a new file to start editing the texts. You can enter the file name and click on OK.

After that a new text file will be opened with the name you set at the last step, where you can edit your text documents:

Etherpad offers features of text formatting like notepad text so you can use the following features while editing your text using Etherpad:

  1. You can format the text into bold
  2. You can format the text in italic
  3. You can underline your text
  4. You can align the text, create bullets, and page indent
  5. You can also hide the text

As Etherpad is web-based real time collaborative document editor so you can add other members on the server to work in collaboration by clicking on the group icon:

You can also chat in real time with all the members using Etherpad on your server:


Etherpad is an online text document editor on which you can work in collaboration with other members on the server in real time. It offers you the features like text editor as well as you can interact with other people on the server in real time. You can install Etherpad on Linux Mint through GitHub by following the method explained in this article.

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