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How to Install Teleport on Linux Mint 21

Teleport is an application that is used to share files easily without setting up SSH and FTP. Teleport uses a local area network (LAN) to share files and currently works on Linux systems only. This article is a guide on how to install Linux Mint 21 Vanessa.

How to Install Teleport on Linux Mint 21

We have two approaches to install Teleport on the Linux Mint 21 system:

  1. Using Terminal
  2. Using GUI

1: Installing Teleport Using a Terminal

To install Teleport on Linux Mint 21, there are a few steps we need to concentrate on:

Step 1: Download the Teleport GPG from its official repository with the help of mentioned command:

$ curl | sudo apt-key add -

Step 2: Insert the teleport repository on Linux Mint system by making use of mentioned command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb stable main’

Step 3: Now, refresh the system repository using update command:

$ sudo apt update

Step 4: Now, run the command to install Teleport application on Linux Mint 21 system:

$ sudo apt install teleport

To uninstall the Teleport proxy service when there is no use for it, type the mentioned command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt remove teleport

2: Installing Teleport using GUI

Open-up the Software Application manager and search for the Teleport in the search-bar:

Teleport screen will appear in front of you, click on Install:

Once you click on Install, it will start installing:

After a while, the Teleport application will be installed on your system; you can click to Launch button to start it:

You can also delete it by clicking the “Remove” button.


Teleport is relatively a new app designed to share files without the hassle of setting up SSH and FTP servers. The article has demonstrated the details on how to install the Teleport app on the Linux Mint 21 system. We have mentioned two ways to do it i-e, using GUI and Terminal.

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