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How to Install Tcpreplay on Linux Mint 21

Tcpreplay is an open-source free suite for replaying the previously captured network traffic. It allows you to split the traffic as server and client, written to filtered files and edited in various ways. It works on the command line interface and describes packet content depending on the command. This tutorial guides you to install Tcpereplay on Linux Mint 21.

How to Install Tcpreplay on Linux Mint 21

Tcpreplay allows you to control the speed of traffic replaying. It can only send the packages as fast as your system processor and disk allow, here are some ways to get it on Linux Mint 21:

1: Through Linux Mint Software Manager

One of the easiest ways to install Tcpreplay is through the software manager. Open the software manager on your system and after searching tcpreplay click on the Install button:

Since it is a command line-based tool so one must use the terminal of Linux Mint so to see if it is installed correctly just check its version:

$ tcpreplay --version

To delete it from Linux Mint 21 just go to the Linux Mint Software Manager, afterward search for this tool, and click on the remove button:

2: Through Apt Package Manager

Use the following command to install Tcpreplay on your system through apt package manager:

$ sudo apt install tcpreplay

Once installation is completed, verify the installation by checking the version of this tool and for that execute:

$ tcpreplay --version

If you are new to this tool then to get help on how to this tool or want to know the correct commands for different purposes execute:

$ tcpreplay --help

You will get the complete list of commands, like -d, –debug=num, enables the debugging output by taking an integer number as its argument. -q, –quit, it prints nothing except the statistics at the end of executing the command. You can use any of the above commands with the tcpreplay command.

How to Remove Tcpreplay on Linux Mint 21

If Tcpreplay was installed with the help of the apt package manager then to remove it, execute the below command on the terminal:

$ sudo apt remove --autoremove tcpreplay

Wrapping Up

 Tcpreplay is a collection of open-source, free software used to replay or alter network data previously recorded by TCP DUMP. It accurately simulates real network traffic and enables the division of network traffic into server and client types. This article demonstrates the way to install the Tcpreplay on Linux Mint 21 and the list of complete actions that can be performed using Tcpreplay.

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