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How to Install Postman on Linux Mint 21

Postman is the toolchain for developing and using APIs. It is a popular collaboration platform among API users as more than 10 million developers are using this. It helps to create, simplify API, and manage its specification in a single platform. Anything that belongs to APIs like documentation, test cases, metrics, designing, hence all of API’s artifacts can be stored in the postman platform.

It has a variety of tools that help to balance API software with security and warnings in it. Postman platform comes with three different types of collaboration workspaces:

  • Personal workspace
  • Team workspace
  • Public workspace

How to Install Postman on Linux Mint 21

Postman is a compatible platform and is supported by many major operating systems like Linux, Windows and macOS. This article will describe how we can install it on Linux Mint 21

To begin downloading, first you need to remove the “/nosnap.pref” file from the Linux Mint system by executing the command given below:

$ sudo rm /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref

As in my system, I already removed it, so I got this response:

Next step is to use the update command to upgrade apt cache in our Linux Mint system:

$ sudo apt update

Now, install snap daemon to download Postman software from snap packages:

$ sudo apt install snapd

As we have downloaded snapd from apt repositories. Now, it is easy to download Postman using snap packages. Without snapd installation, it wouldn’t be possible for us to install our required software using the snap repository.

Execute the mentioned-below command to let Postman installation begin:

$ sudo snap install postman

It would take time, so stay on the system:

Now, run the below mentioned command to run the Postman:

$ postman

To remove Postman from the system, type the following command:

$ sudo snap remove postman


Postman is a popular platform used for the development of APIs. It helps to create and store APIs projects and let the data like documentation, test cases and programs save in it with security. Postman has provided three different categories of workstations i-e, personal workspace, team workspace and public workspace. This article has covered how to install Postman on Linux Mint 21 using snap packages.

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