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How to Install Free Email Client Mailspring on Linux Mint 21

Mailspring is a free email client that makes it easy to manage emails for users, this application inherited some features from Nylas Mail client. So, read this guide if you are interested in installing the Mailspring client on Linux Mint 21.

Installing Mailspring Client on Linux Mint 21

To install this email client on Linux Mint there are primarily two ways and those are:

  • Through Snap Package Manager
  • Through deb file

Through Snap Package Manager

One way to install Mailspring on Linux Mint 21 is by using the snap package manager, below are some steps that one needs to do to get Mailspring email client through snap:

Step 1: To install any application through snap package manager one needs to have snap and to install it first move the no-snap file to documents directory by using:

$ sudo mv /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref ~/Documents/nosnap.backup

Step 2: Once the file is move then update the packages list of Linux Mint package manager by executing:

$ sudo apt update

Step 3: Next, install snap on Linux Mint with the help of default package manager:

$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 4: Skip the above steps if you have already installed snap on Linux Mint and directly jump to this step. Now execute the below given command on Linux Mint to install Mailspring email client through snap package manager:

$ sudo snap install mailspring

Step 5: Now run this email client from terminal using:

$ mailspring

To remove this email client from Linux Mint in case you have installed it through snap package manager then execute:

$ sudo snap remove mailspring

Through deb file

Another way to install Mailspring on Linux Mint is by using its deb file, here are some steps that are required to perform to install it on Linux Mint:

Step1: Go to the download section of Mailspring website and from there click on the 64-bit version of its deb file:

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded move to the directory where you have downloaded the file, in my case its Downloads so for that I have used change directory command:

$ cd Downloads

Step 3: Now install this email client through default package manager using the downloaded deb file:

$ sudo apt install ./mailspring-1.10.7-amd64.deb

Now run the Mailspring email client in from the Linux Mint menu under the internet options:

To remove the Mailspring from Linux Mint 21 in case you no longer need it then execute:

$ sudo apt remove mailspring -y


For the users who usually communicate on emails find it difficult to manage such a larger audience, for them Mailspring email client is one of the best options. This email client is available on all the major platforms one of which is Linux and to install it on Linux Mint 21 there are two ways both are mentioned in this guide.

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