How to Install Google Chrome on Alpine Linux

Millions around the globe use Google Chrome because it is a simple-to-use web browser. Whether a PC or mobile user, you can use Google Chrome due to its cross-platform support. However, Google Chrome is not officially available on Alpine Linux. If you want to install it as a web browser, you can install Chromium instead.

That’s why many Alpine Linux beginners always need clarification while installing Chrome in their system. This short guide briefly explains the simple methods to install Google Chrome on Alpine Linux.

How to Install Google Chrome on Alpine Linux

On Alpine Linux, Chromium is already available in the Alpine package manager, apk (its repository), which you can easily install. Before installing Chromium on Alpine Linux, update its repository with the following command:

apk update
apk upgrade

Now, install Chromium on Alpine Linux with the following apt command:

apk add chromium

If you want to verify the installation, run the following command to check the version of Chromium:

apk version chromium

Moreover, you can confirm the installation of Chromium by going to the “Activities menu”.

Now, you can use Chromium as an alternative to Google Chrome on Alpine Linux.


We explained a simple method to install Google Chrome on Alpine Linux. Currently, Google Chrome is unavailable on Alpine Linux, so you can install Chromium in place of Google Chrome. In Alpine Linux, Chromium is present in its repository which you can install with the help of the “apk add” command.

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