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How to Install Gitea on Linux Mint 21

Gitea is a multi-platform, light-weight, self-hosted service and is written in the Go language. It was developed by Lunny Xios who also created Gogs (git service). Therefore, all the platforms that compile Go can also support Gitea i-e, Windows, Linux and macOS.

Gitea is a light-weighted software used to track programs and review code. Many developers are using Gitea. It helps them to simplify their projects and utilize repositories with required security.

Install Gitea on Linux Mint 21

Following steps should be followed carefully while installing Gitea on Linux mint 21:

Step 1: Updating apt-cache

To install Gitea on Linux Mint 21 system, first we need to update system apt repositories:

$ sudo apt update

Installing Gitea using snap packages is one of the easiest ways.

Step 2: Removing nosnap.prep file

To download using snap packages, we need to install a snap daemon. Without this, snap packages will not be accessible.

Before installing snap daemon on Linux mint 21, we need to remove the /etc/apt/preferences.d/nosnap.pref file from the system. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to install snap daemon. For this, execute the remove command with file name to delete it:

$ sudo rm -f /etc/apt/preferences.d/nonsnap.pref

Step 3: Installing snap daemon

After removing the file, update the apt-cache again:

$ sudo apt update

Execute the following command to begin snap daemon installation:

$ sudo apt install snapd

Step 4: Installing Gitea

Once you’ve installed snap daemon on the system, it is now easy to install Gitea on Linux Mint 21 using snap packages.

To start the Gitea installation execute the following command:

$ sudo snap install gitea

Note: The installation process of gitea using snap package will take some time to complete so be patient.

Remove Gitea from Linux Mint 21

Removing Gitea software from Linux Mint 21 is just one step away. What you need to do is execute the command given below:

$ sudo snap remove gitea


Gitea is an open-source software package written in Go language, developed by Lunny Xios who founded the self-hosted Git service Gogs. Therefore, all the platforms that compiled Go language can also support Gitea. To install Gitea on Linux you need to enable the snap by removing the non-snap files and installing snap daemon.

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