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How to Install Git on Linux Mint 21

Git actively maintained a distributed version control system which is free of cost. This efficient platform was authored by Linus Torvalds in 2005. The main purpose behind developing Git was to help developers to create small to very large projects in collaboration with other developers. It allows the user to maintain and revert to the previous version of code or as Git repository saves all of the updated versions.

Git has two types of repositories i-e, remote and local. Git server contains a remote repository whereas each developer has a local repository in the system. This explains that not only code or project is saved on the server but each copy is also stored in the developer’s machine.

The above introduction is enough for the beginner if he’s using Git for the first time.

Let’s come to the installation and configuration process of Git on Linux Mint 21.

How To Install Git on Linux Mint 21

As Git is a worldwide platform, you can get it on most of the Linux Distributions. The installation process is quite easy if you follow the instructions and steps carefully.

Before getting started, use the command to update all apt packages on Linux Mint:

$ sudo apt update


Keep in mind that for the updated packages, always update and upgrade your system. So, after updating all packages, next step is to upgrade system by using the command:

$ sudo apt upgrade


Now, execute the below-mentioned installation command of Git to get it on system:

$ sudo apt install git


As according to the running process, git is successfully installed on the system, but to confirm it, run the version command. It will show you which updated version is installed:

$ git --version


So, you get Git installation successfully on Linux Mint 21 system.

How to Configure Git on Linux Mint 21

Next step is the configuration of Git repository which can be done by following the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Set-up the global name with the help of mentioned command:

$ git config --global “Syeda Wardah”


Step 2: Set-up the email using command:

$ git config --global “”


Step 3: Verify if our changes i-e name and email has made successfully through command:

$ git config --list


As according to our output, global commit name and email has been added successfully.


Git is a famous open-source version control system that helps the coder to efficiently maintain code in collaboration with other developers. All developers work parallel using the Git repository and any time revert to the old version. Each version of code is stored in a repository, not only server repository but also copy of code is stored at developer’s system. This article has covered how to install Git on Linux mint 21 and what steps users should take to configure Git on the system.

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