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How to Install CopyQ on Linux Mint 21

CopyQ is a free and open-source clipboard manager software application that is designed for use with the Linux and Windows operating systems. It allows users to store and manage clipboard history, as well as to organize and customize clipboard content.

So, if you are looking for an application that can copy everything to clipboard whether it’s a link, an image or any text and even write notes on it then try this copyQ for Linux Mint and read this guide for a complete installation process.

How to Install CopyQ in Linux Mint 21

CopyQ includes features for searching and filtering clipboard items, as well as tools for exporting and importing clipboard data and to install it on Linux Mint execute:

$ sudo apt install copyq -y

Once this clipboard tool is installed run it either by executing the CopyQ command in the terminal like this:

$ copyq

Or go to the application menu of Linux Mint and from there click on the CopyQ icon under the Accessories option as in the image below:

Some Basics for Using CopyQ on Linux Mint 21

CopyQ offers a wide range of features and tools for managing clipboard data, including the ability to store and organize clipboard items in a flexible tree structure, as well as tools for editing and formatting clipboard text. Below are some points that one should remember to use this application in an effective manner:

  1. As previously mentioned, CopyQ can be used to take essential notes as well so in that case click on the document icon.
  2. To organize the images or any documents copied to the clipboard one can give relevant tags to them and for that click on the tag’s icon on the bar present at the right side.
  3. If you have either copied any text or taken any notes, then click on the edit icons to get it done.

Once the application is running its icon will be displayed on the bottom right side of the Linux Mint taskbar, from there you can access it.

To remove this application in case you no longer need it and want to free up some space then execute:

$ sudo apt remove --autoremove copyq -y


CopyQ offers a wide range of features and tools for managing clipboard items, including the ability to store and organize multiple items, search for specific items, and access items from multiple devices. To install it on Linux systems like Linux Mint one can use its default package manager, this guide gives a detailed installation procedure along with some guidance of using it.

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