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How to Install atop Monitoring Tool on Linux Mint 21

The atop is a system-level performance monitoring tool for Linux and Unix-like operating systems. It provides a detailed overview of system utilization, including information on CPU usage, memory usage, disk I/O, network activity, and more. It also allows for detailed process-level monitoring and reporting. This guide is all about installing this monitoring tool on Linux Mint and read it if you not only want to install it but know some basics of using it.

Installing atop on Linux Mint 21

Installing ATOP on Linux Mint is a relatively straightforward process and can be accomplished through the terminal or its GUI, here are two ways to install it on Linux Mint 21:

Through APT Package Manager

Since atop is included in most Linux distributions in their default repositories, its installation is quite simple and easy through apt. To install fish on Linux Mint just update the packages list of apt and afterwards execute:

$ sudo apt install atop -y

Next, run the application by just executing the atop in the terminal and now you can monitor your Linux Mint system:

Now to remove this application from Linux Mint if you are no longer to use it then execute the below command in case you installed it through apt:

$ sudo apt remove --autoremove atop -y

Through Software Manager

Another easy way to install this powerful monitoring tool on Linux Mint is by using its software manager, for this open it from Linux Mint application menu and search for the atop and afterwards click on the first option appeared in the menu:

Next to get this application downloaded and installed on Linux Mint 21 then click on Install on the green icon present at the top right side:

Next, run the application by just executing the atop in the terminal and now you can monitor your Linux Mint system:

To remove this application simply run the software manager, search for this monitoring tool, and click on remove icon to get this application uninstalled from Linux Mint 21:


The atop is a powerful and valuable tool for monitoring and improving the performance of Linux systems and using its detailed statistics and process-level monitoring capabilities it can help system administrators, developers, and other users identify and troubleshoot performance issues. Installation of atop on Linux Mint can be done through apt and through its software manager, both the methods are discussed in this guide.

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