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DPKG Architecture List

DPKG is a very useful utility in Linux that is used to manage the packages as well as to install, remove or build different tools. This utility has a set of associated commands used to serve specific purposes. With the help of this article, we want to explore the usage of the “dpkg-architecture” command with the “-L” flag in Linux Mint 20.3.

Purpose of the DPKG Architecture Command in Linux Mint 20.3

Before learning the usage of the “dpkg-architecture” command with the “-L” flag, we would like to highlight the basic purpose of this command. The “dpkg-architecture” command in Linux is used for setting and determining the architecture for package building. As far as the combination of this command with the “-L” flag is concerned, this combination is used to print the list of all the valid architecture names on the terminal. Now, let us proceed with using this command with the “-L” flag.

How to Use the DPKG Architecture Command with the “-L” Flag in Linux Mint 20.3

For using the DPKG Architecture command with the “-L” flag on a Linux Mint 20.3 system, you will have to execute it in the following manner:

$ dpkg-architecture –L

The list of all the possible valid architecture names is shown in the image below:


In this article, we introduced you to the usage of the “dpkg-architecture” command with the “-L” flag in Linux Mint 20.3. By using this command in the said manner, you will easily be able to figure out all the valid architecture names available out there.

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