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How to Create a WiFi Hotspot in Linux Mint 20

The WiFi Hotspot allows us to connect the same and heterogeneous devices wirelessly to the Internet. Using the WiFi Hotspot, files can be easily shared with other devices. In this guide, you will learn how to create a WiFi Hotspot in Linux Mint 20.

Creating WiFi Hotspot in Linux Mint 20

Before creating the WiFi Hotspot in Linux Mint 20, make sure that your system is connected to the internet.

Perform the below-given steps to create a WiFi Hotspot on Linux Mint 20:

1. Open the Application Menu and search for ‘Advanced Network Configuration’.

2. Open the ‘Advanced Network Configuration’ application. Click on the ‘+’ button to create a WiFi Hotspot.

3. Choose WiFi from the given list of Connection Types and click ‘Create’.

4. Next, we need to configure the WiFi Hotspot. Enter the Connection Name in the ‘Connection Name’ and ‘SSID’ fields you wish to set. Moreover, in the mode section, select ‘WiFi’. You will see the option that displays your network card’s physical address in the’ Device’ menu. Choose the wireless network card, and the initial configuration is performed.

5. Next, click the ‘WiFi-Security’ tab, and from the given list of security options, choose ‘WPA & WPA2 Personal’. Enter the password key for your Hotspot.

6. Further, click on ‘IPV4 Settings’ and ensure that the method is set to ‘Shared to other computers.’

Click on ‘Save,’ and the WiFi Hotspot configuration will be saved.

The WiFi Hotspot is created successfully.


Creating the WiFi Hotspot is a very easy and straightforward process on Linux Mint 20. By creating the WiFi Hotspot, we can easily share the files with the other system connected to the same network. This guide explains the WiFi Hotspot creation on Linux Mint 20.

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