What is the Best Kit in Roblox BedWars?

BedWars is one of the combat games on Roblox in which there are different kits available that enhance the combat capability of the player. Roblox stands out among its competitors when it comes to combat games as it provides the platform for developing games to its users according to their desire.  If you are interested in playing BedWars and confused which kit would be best for combat and how to acquire the kits available in the BedWars then go through this article.

Kits in Roblox BedWars

To shortlist the best kit for you in BedWars, first one must know types of kits available in the game and below are some of the kits that you can get in BeWars along with the perks you get of having the kit:

BedWars Kits Perks
Builder Extra Health and Protection from blasts
Melody Healing of teammates and 20 % more healing for yourself
Cobalt Provides shield from oncoming attacks, increased movement speed and damage to the enemy
Star Collector Stella Permanent maximum health and critical strike
Zephyr Boosted speed and double jump on having 5 stacks
Archer 15% projectile damage and long range for attacking
Lassy Pushes enemy closer for effective attack
Vulcan Control the turrets commissioned in the map
Vanessa Triple shot in one go
Internal Shielder Massive shield on spawn that can deflect on oncoming attacks
Wizard Cast lightning spells and orbs
Cyber Use drones to collect the resources from anywhere in the map
Lucia Get a lot of loots by killing enemies


Best Kit in Roblox BedWars

As you can see in the above table every kit has its own perks and the decision of the kit primarily depends on one’s choice. Moreover, there are two types on which we can shortlist a best kit, one is collecting resources and the other thing is perks that help during combat. So, keeping in view these two things I think that the best kit in the BedWars for combat is Cobalt, whereas for resource collecting Lucia is the best kit.

How to Get Kits in Roblox BedWars

There are two ways of getting a kit in BedWars one is by clicking on the “Kit” icon at the bottom in the game:

Next the whole list of kits will open from there click on the respective kit you are looking for and pay in Robux , however some kits require “Battle Pass”  to buy them:

Another way to get kit in BedWars is by going to the kits displayed in the game room:

Then move the character to the kit you like and press F from your keyboard to view it and the kit list will open as in the previous method:

Also remember that there are always some kits for free for some time so you can try them on as well to check their perks:

So, this is how you can buy a kit in BedWars and enjoy the game.


One of the most popular game genres of Roblox is combat as there are a variety of combat games present on the platform. BedWars come among the most liked combat games on Roblox and one reason for that is the kits provided in the game. Each kit comes with its own perks and if you are more of a resource collector person then Lucia is the best kit for you and if you are more of a combat person the Cobalt kit would be best for you.

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