List of Arduino GUI Software

Arduino is an open-source platform using which we can build and program electronics. Arduino boards are programmed using a user-friendly interface called Arduino IDE. However, Arduino IDE only allows you to write and upload code to boards as it misses the support for GUI design for your project. In this article, we will look at some of the best Arduino GUI software available on the market.

List of Arduino GUI Software

Arduino GUI tools are an interactive environment to increase your productivity and give full control on your project. The interface is intuitive, with a code editor, compiler, and uploader all in one place.

There are different graphical user interface software available that can program Arduino boards and provide a better user experience.

Following is the list of widely used software for making Arduino GUI:

  1. Processing
  2. PlatformIO
  3. Visuino
  4. mBlock
  5. Proteus
  6. Tinkercad
  7. Ardublock

1: Processing

Processing Arduino GUI is a free tool for creating user interfaces. It is a combination of two software tools, Processing and Arduino.

Good thing about processing is it can be linked with Arduino boards directly using serial communication through Arduino IDE. Processing is similar to Arduino IDE, but it is more focused on arts and graphical design. Using processing we can write code in its compiler and link it with Arduino code directly to build serial communication between Arduino boards.

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The processing and Arduino IDE have very similar interfaces. We can install libraries and the syntax of code is also similar to Arduino code.

Go to the Processing official site and download it.

2. PlatformIO

PlatformIO is a free and open-source platform for IoT development. It’s compatible with over 200 boards, including the Arduino boards. It offers a modern and user-friendly interface, making it favorite among developers.

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With PlatformIO, you can develop, upload, and debug your code directly from the software. It also includes a library manager and supports multiple frameworks, including Arduino, Espressif, and Raspberry Pi.

To download PlatformIO go to

3. Visuino

Visuino is a visual programming tool for Arduino boards. It provides a drag and drop interface for building projects, making it easy for beginners to get started. The software also offers advanced features for experienced users, such as a powerful code editor and debugging tools. Visuino supports all Arduino boards and has a large library of components and modules.

If your hardware is ready to run but you lack software and programming skill then Visuino is a go to software to get your abilities to the next level. In Visuino it is a drag drop software that can run any Arduino board and support all hardware.

For further detail about this tool go to

4. mBlock

Another tool on the list for creating a GUI for Arduino projects is mBlock. This is a block-based software that can program Arduino boards. It’s like Scratch, making it a great choice for beginners or anyone who wants to quickly get started with programming.

The software provides a visual interface for building projects, with blocks representing different functions and commands. It also includes a library manager and supports a wide range of boards, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and many others.

Open to start creating your first block-based Arduino project.

5. Proteus

Proteus is another tool for controlling Arduino boards using a graphical interface. Proteus helps in designing a real time project and its simulations which can save a lot of time while debugging a circuit. It features a comprehensive library of components and modules, including support for Arduino boards.

The software provides a visual interface for building circuits and programming microcontrollers. It also includes a simulator for testing and debugging code, making it a powerful tool for both beginners and experts.

For detailed information on Arduino Visual Environment design, you can visit

6. TinkerCad

TinkerCad is a browser-based 3D design and electronics tool. It includes a block-based programming interface for Arduino boards, making it a great option for beginners. TinkerCad has a visual interface for designing a debugging circuit without any need of external hardware.

TinkerCad is a cloud platform, and it can be accessible using the internet from anywhere through any device. It is a great tool for verifying the result with the help of GUI without investing in hardware.

To design an Arduino GUI using TinkerCad visit

7. ArduBlock

ArduBlock is a drag-and-drop programming software for Arduino. It has a graphical interface that can easily program your Arduino boards. You simply drag and drop blocks that represent functions, and ArduBlock will generate the corresponding code for you. This is an easy-to-use software for beginners that are entering in Arduino programming.

To download the ArduBlock visit


Using the Arduino GUI, we can create user-friendly Arduino based projects. There are several different GUI options available, including PlatformIO, Processing and multiple others. Among all Processing GUI is the best in this domain as it offers real time hardware control using the Arduino GUI through serial communication between Arduino boards.

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