What is Zyxel Powerline?

If you’re planning to setup an Ethernet network in your home, running Ethernet cables all around can be quite messy, requires hard work, will take up a lot of time, and not to mention, costly. A WiFi router can be a good alternative, but the farther the device away is from a router, the weaker the signal gets. If you think you’re running out of options, you’re wrong. You can get yourself Zyxel Powerline adapters and get your devices connected in an instant.

Zyxel Powerline

Zyxel Powerline makes use of your home’s electrical wirings as the medium for data packets to travel from one device to another. It’s so easy to install even non-technical users can set it up in a few minutes. It’s like setting up a wired network but with lesser work. Since data travels through wires, the signal is more stable and reliable than WiFi networks. Zyxel powerline is also ideal for small, start-up businesses that need a stable and fast Internet connection at a lower operational cost than the typical Ethernet set-up.

There are currently five different kits in the Zyxel Powerline family. Each kit comes with different speeds and other special features that will suit your networking needs.

PLA6457 and PLA6456

PLA6457 and PLA6456 offer the fastest speed among the Zyxel Powerline family. Both have the same features save for the type of power outlet supported. PLA6457 supports the Type F EU outlet, while PLA6456 is designed for the Type C US outlet. Both have built-in noise filters that eliminate electrical signal noises for better network quality.

Backed by the G.hn technology, these kits provide speeds of up to 2400 Mbps, twice as fast as the legacy powerline technologies. Zyxel also adapts the MIMO technology for improved coverage and a stable connection despite multiple simultaneously connected devices. For better bandwidth management and lower latency, PLA6457 and PLA6456 have 8 levels of QoS.

Both adapters are optmized for 8K video content and lag-free online games for seamless entertainment. There’s one Gigabit Ethernet port on the adapters for blazing fast Internet access supporting large file transfers with a range of up to 500 meters over the powerline. Both adapters have a pass-through design, so there’s no shortage of power outlets for your other devices.

There are also indicator lights for power, power network quality, Ethernet link, and encrypted pairing so you can monitor the status of your connection. The adapters also feature an Encrypt/Reset button if you want a more secure, 128-AES-encrypted connection.


PLA5456 is PLA6457’s sibling sharing the same pass-through design supporting the EU Type F socket with an embedded noise filter that blocks out electrical signal noises for an interference-free network connection. PLA5456 utilizes the Homeplug AV2 and MIMO technologies that let you stream ultra-high-definition 4K video contents for up to 1800 Mbps.

PLA5456 offers not just one but two Gigabit Ethernet ports providing high-speed Internet access to two devices for up to 300m over the powerline. Equipped with LED indicators, the adapter shows you the status for power, powerline connection quality: green (best), orange (great), red (good), and Ethernet activity. With just a push of the Encrypt/Reset button, you can encrypt your connection with 128 AES encryption or reset the adapter if you’re experiencing connectivity issues. PLA5456 allocates bandwidth using 4 levels of QoS.

PLA5405 v2

Measuring only 8.1cm by 5.6cm, the smaller-than-your-credit-card powerline adapter from Zyxel is big with powerful features. This compact adapter comes with Homeplug AV2 MIMO technology providing a speed of up to 1300 Mbps, maxing out at a 300-meter range. The Gigabit Ethernet port allows you to connect your TV for 4K video streaming or enjoy online gaming with no lags. The four levels of QoS also ensure lower latency and reduced jitters for a smoother online experience. The PLA5405 allows you to encrypt your connection with 128-AES encryption. The LED indicators for power, powerline connection quality, and Ethernet activity lets you know the connection status at just a glance.

PLA5206 v2

The PLA5206 is Homeplug AV2 compliant, transforming your powerline into a high-speed network with up to 1000 Mbps of speed. This Zyxel powerline adapter can provide Gigabit Ethernet for two devices. With four levels of QoS, the bandwidth is properly allocated and fully utilized, resulting in lower latency and lesser jitters. Just like the other adapters in the Zyxel family, it offers 128 AES encryption between the devices for a more secure connection. LED indicators for power, powerline connection quality, an Ethernet link for status monitoring are also in place.

Easy Installation

The kit comprises two plug-and-play adapters, but you can add more if you have more devices to connect. To set-up up your powerline network, simply plug one adapter into the power outlet near your router. Connect the router using a short Ethernet cable to the Zyxel powerline adapter. Next, connect the other adapter to the power outlet where your other device is. Connect the device to the adapter using an Ethernet cable. Once the adapters are plugged into the power outlets, they will sense and connect to each other. That’s basically it. No special configuration is necessary.

Zyxel Easy Setup App

If you’re still hesitant to setup your Zyxel powerline network on your own, Zyxel has developed a mobile app that will guide you on setting up your Zyxel home network. It features step-by-step software and hardware tutorials to get your devices up and running. The guide is easy to grasp and doesn’t require advanced networking knowledge to fully setup the powerline network. The app is currently compatible with Android 4.1 and higher and supports PLA5456 and PLA5206


Zyxel Powerline kits provide you with a cost-effective alternative to Ethernet networks and a more stable connection than WiFi networks. Since it uses your existing electrical wiring, the setup won’t require a lot of work and can be done in no time. Zyxel optimizes current technologies such as G.hn, Homeplug AV2, and MIMO to cater to the demands of high-quality videos and high-end games. In addition, Zyxel incorporates 128 AES encryption in all its powerline kits for a more secure connection. You can future-proof your powerline network with Zyxel’s support for 8K streaming, up to eight levels of QoS, and ultra-fast Gigabit Ethernet. Whether you’re a casual Internet user, an avid gamer, or the type who works on graphics-intensive tasks, Zyxel’s family of powerline kits has got you covered.

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