How to Zoom in Minecraft

Spyglass in Minecraft is used to increase the field of view of the player so that they can see clearly at a longer distance. This is highly effective especially when you are roaming around in different biomes because you can use this to improve your vision and can easily find the valuable resources or the mobs which can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Materials Required to Make a Spyglass

You require 2 copper ingots and 1 amethyst shard to make a spyglass.

How to Make a Copper Ingot

The first thing that is required to make a copper ingot is to find a copper ore that is mostly available on the beaches, and other biomes at y level 0-96 but mostly at 47-48. After finding you need to mine it by a stone pickaxe or any other of higher level.

The next thing that you need is a furnace and any fuel source that you can get such as a coal, wooden log or planks. Furnace can be made by placing 8 cobblestones on the crafting table and these stones are also not hard to find and can be mined using any pickaxe.

Now place and click on the furnace and after that you will notice some slots will be displayed in which you need to place the copper ore on the top slot and a fuel on the bottom slot whereas the result can be seen on the right slot.

How to Find Amethyst

You can find amethyst in the caves or cliffs at around or below y level 70. You can also find these blocks on the beaches or oceans close to the shoreline and after finding them you can mine them using an iron or any other higher pickaxe.

How to Make a Spyglass

You can make a spyglass by placing 2 copper ingots and 1 amethyst shard on the crafting table in the exact same order as shown below.


Spyglass in Minecraft is used for zooming purposes so that a player can see clearly at a longer distance which is not possible normally. When you are wandering around in different biomes, this is very useful since you can improve your vision and can easily locate valuable resources or mobs that aren’t visible with the naked eye.

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