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Installing windows VM on Kali Linux

Installing the Windows 10 in the virtual box in a Linux

This article will provide a proper guide for installing Windows 10 in the virtual box in a Linux.

VirtualBox and its advantages

It is a virtualized open-software for creating virtual machines. We can able to operate the operating system with the help of the virtual machine because it is like an application that is working in the operating system. We may also say that it is a computer that is running inside another computer.

Basically, they copy the other operating system without interacting; therefore, they are called virtual machines.

With the help of the virtual machine, we can use the windows as an application running in a Linux. Too much RAM is consumed with the virtual machine. In Linux, we can use windows and several other programs without installing the windows.

Installing Windows 10 in the VirtualBox on Kali Linux

To install it, follow the steps below. Before beginning to install the windows 10, let us see what important things we will require:

  1. Downloaded Windows 10 operating system.
  2. A good internet connection.
  3. A RAM with a minimum of 4GB or greater RAM will be much better.
  4. Minimum 20GB of free space to install windows 10.

After getting all the requirements, let us follow the following steps:

First step: Downloading the Windows 10 ISO

First of all, download the Windows 10 ISO. It can be either 32-bit or 64-bit according to the system’s requirement. Follow the link to install and select the version:

Don’t forget to select the language and edition.

Second Step: Installing the VirtualBox on a Kali Linux Machine

To install the VirtualBox on Kali, enter the command written below:

$ sudo apt install virtualbox

Third Step: Installing Windows 10 in VirtualBox

Open the virtualbox. The following screen will occur, as shown below:

Go to New and click it. Now name the VM as you want and choose the version, including the operating system. Here we will choose Windows 10 64-bit.

Now select the size of RAM, but 2GB is suggested size for the 64-bit Windows 10 and 1 GB for 32-bit windows.

Now assign the required GB of RAM and choose the suggested size.

Create and select the virtual disk here.

While choosing the format, follow the VDI format.

Now select VDI and choose the dynamic size for VM

Here, go with the dynamically allocated. After that, the installation size is finalized. Now the virtual disk is created. Go with the default location.

It is allocating size for installing Windows. For doing this, you have to go back to the initial screen. Now it is time to use the ISO and click on settings.

First, go to settings and then to storage. After that, add a new optical drive by going to the setting.

As optical storage, we can add the “Windows 10 ISO”.

Go to Choose disk and click on it, then point to “Windows 10 ISO”.

Click on the Choose disk. Here we see “windows 10” ISO under storage and press okay.

In case any available storage or empty one is present, then remove it.

At this step, we will get back to the main screen of the Oracle VirtualBox. After having everything, move to install Windows 10. Get back to the main screen and click on the start button.

Now press on the Start to install “Windows 10.”

The following screen will be shown:

Follow the structured procedure. After a few seconds, an option to install windows will appear on the screen. The installation will never start if the windows logo with background appears. Here we will make the little adjustments. There is a mismatched between these: the Virtualbox and Windows 10. Therefore it will fail to boot the system.

The rest of the things can be handled easily. Several screenshots are added here to better understandability and proper guidance.

When the “windows 10” is successfully installed, notice that the internet is also available in a virtual window.

Finally, get back to the main screen and now close the virtual machine.

Turn off the Windows VM

To start it again, click on the Start shown in the main screen of VirtualBox.


In this article, I have shown you how to install virtualbox on Kali machine and install Windows 10. I have also shown you the successful running of the Windows 10 system in the VB.

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