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[Solved] Windows Update Error 0x80070002

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. The updates of Windows are released from time to time to fix the previous update bugs and to provide new functionalities. But sometimes, during Windows updates, users may encounter the error code “0x80070002”. This error can be caused due to different reasons such as some system files being damaged or corrupted, Windows space issues or malware stopping the Windows updates, and time zone issues.

This post will demonstrate how to tackle the Windows update error code “0x80070002”.


How to Fix Windows Update Error Code “0x80070002”?

To resolve the “0x80070002” error code of the Windows update, go through the given solutions.

Solution 1: Check the Windows Date and Time

Sometimes, when Windows time and date are wrong and not matches the current zone can cause the Windows Update issue and show up error code “0x80070002”. To fix the stated issue, follow the provided steps.

Step 1: Visit Date & time settings

First, navigate to the “Date & time settings” via the Start menu:

Step 2: Check the Date and Time

Check the current time and date and make sure it must be correct. If the date and time are not correct, set the time manually by turning off the “Set time automatically” toggle:

Step 3: Synchronize the Date and Time

To synchronize the date and time with the internet server, press the below highlighted “Sync now” button:

Reinstall the Windows update and check if the issue is fixed.

Solution 2: Restart the Windows Update Service

When the Windows Update service is blocked or stopped, then the user may encounter the Windows update error “0x80070002”. To fix the stated problem, follow the given procedure.

Step 1: Open the Services App

From the Start menu, launch the Windows built-in “Services” app that manages the Windows services:

Step 2: Start Window Update Service

Right-click on the “Window Update” service and press the “Start” option to start the service:

This can resolve the stated error code for Windows updates.

Solution 3: Check and Repair System Files

When the system files of Windows are corrupted or damaged, then Windows updates can not be installed properly and may show the error code “0x80070002”. To fix the stated problem run the SFC scan using the listed steps.

Step 1: Launch Command Prompt

Launch the Command Prompt with administrative rights from the “Startup” menu:

Step 2: Execute SFC

Execute the SFC scan to detect and repair the faulty system file automatically through the below command:

sfc /scannow


Solution 4: Utilize the Update Troubleshooter

If none of the given solutions works to resolve the specified error. Then, execute the Windows Update troubleshooter to automatically diagnose and fix the problem. For this purpose, follow the given instructions.

Step 1: Launch Troubleshooter

Launch the Troubleshooter settings via the Start menu of Windows:

Step 2: Check More Option For Troubleshooting

Next, hit the “Other” to see more options for troubleshooting:

Step 3: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Next, click on the “Run” button of Windows Update to execute the troubleshooter:

After troubleshooting, allow the troubleshooter to fix the problem automatically by hitting the “Yes” button:

This can fix the Windows update error “0x80070002”.

Solution 5: Run Scan for Viruses

Malware and virus attacks can also prevent the system from installing the Windows update. To check if the problem is created by viruses, run the scan for viruses using the given steps.

Step 1: Open Windows Security Settings

First, visit the “Windows Security” settings via the “Startup” menu:

Click on the “Viruses & threat protection” option to execute the scan for viruses:

Step 2: Run Scan

Next, hit the below pointed “Scan options” to execute the scan for viruses:

That’s all about resolving the “0x80070002” error code for Windows Update.


The error code “0x80070002” on Windows Update can be caused by various reasons such as some system files being damaged or corrupted, Windows space issues, or malware stopping the Windows updates. To tackle the stated error, check the Windows Date and Time, restart the Windows Update Service, check and repair files of the system, use the Update Troubleshooter, or run the scan for Viruses. This article has discussed the fixes to resolve the error code “0x80070002” for Windows updates.

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