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[SOLVED] Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing on Windows

Windows Explorer is used to navigate through our system and drives to access all the content stored on the computer. If Windows explorer is not working or keeps crashing, this will put a hold on a lot of your work. However, this issue can be caused by outdated graphics drivers or your account not having full access to the folder. But you can fix it by resetting the winsock, clearing the history of the file explorer, or launching the folder in a separate process.

This write-up will provide multiple solutions to fix the “Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing” Issue on Windows.

How to Fix the “Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing” Issue on Windows?

To solve the “Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing” Issue on Windows, try the following fixes:

Method 1: Update Graphics Driver

Update your Graphics card drivers to get rid of the “Windows Explorer keeps crashing” issue on Windows by following the steps listed below.

Step 1: Start Device Manager

Launch the “Device Manager” utilizing the startup menu:

Step 2: See Graphic Cards

Click on the highlighted category to expand it:

Step 3: Update Drivers

Right-click the device and select the highlighted option:

Step 4: Let Windows Pick

Select “Search automatically for drivers” to allow Windows to look for and install the latest drivers for your device:

Method 2: Grant Permission to Your Account to Access All Folder Content

Give “Full Control” permission of the folder to your account by following the provided instructions.

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Press the “E” key while holding the “Windows” key to open “File Explorer”:

Step 2: See Properties

Right-click “Documents” and hit “Properties”:

Step 3: Switch to Security

Navigate to the tab highlighted below:

Step 4: Hit Advanced

Click on the “Advanced” button:

Step 5: Click Change

Click on the “Change” option:

Step 6: Enter the Account Name

Enter the name of the account whom you want to make the owner:

Step 7: Replace Owner

Tick the “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” checkbox:

Step 8: Open Properties

Again, open the “Properties” of the folder for which you want to have full access:

Step 9: Go to Security

Redirect to the “Security” tab:

Step 10: See Advanced Settings

Hit the “Advanced” button:

Step 11: Add Security Setting

Press the “Add” button as highlighted below:

Step 12: Choose Principal

Now, click on the highlighted option to select a principal:

Step 13: Enter the Account Name

Enter the account’s name in the highlighted field:

Step 14: Set Type

Next to “Type”, select “Allow” from the drop-down list:

Step 15: Give Full Control

Check the below-highlighted option to grant full control:

Method 3: Reset Winsock

Winsock is responsible for managing the requests to access the website. Reset Winsock by following the below-listed steps.

Step 1: Launch CMD with Administrative Rights

Open “Command Prompt” from the Startup menu:


Step 2: Reset the Winsock

Run the command given below to reset the winsock:

netsh winsock reset


Method 4: Clear History

Clear the “File Explorer” history from within the File Explorer options by following the detailed step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Go to File Explorer Options

Press the “Windows” & “R” keys to open the Run box. Type “control folders” and press enter:

Step 2: Redirect to General

Switch to the “General” tab:

Step 3: Clear Explorer History

Press the “Clear” button in the “Privacy section:

Method 5: Launch New Folder in a Separate Process

To stop Windows Explorer from crashing in Windows, configure the setting, which will launch a new folder window in a separate process.

Step 1: Redirect to “View”

Move to “File Explorer Options”, open up the “View” tab:

Step 2: Launch Folder Separately

Tick the highlighted checkbox:

Click on “Apply” and then “OK”:


The “Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing” Issue on Windows can be fixed by following various methods. These methods include updating the graphics driver, granting permission to your account to access all folder content, resetting winsock, clearing file explorer history, or launching folder Windows in a separate process. This blog offered different methods for fixing the Windows Explorer crashing issue.

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