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Windows 10 Freezes Randomly [Solved]

Windows Freezing randomly totally ruins anything currently running on your system. If you are in a meeting and the computer freezes, you might miss an important meeting point or completely restart your system. This issue can be fixed by scanning for a virus, scanning and fixing system files using the system file checker command, disabling fast startup, or deleting everything in the temp folder.

In this write-up, we will discuss how to get rid of the “Windows 10 freezes randomly” problem.

How to Fix the “Windows 10 freezes randomly” Problem?

To fix the “Windows 10 freezes randomly” problem, try the following fixes:

Method 1: Scan for Virus

Some viruses or malware might be causing your system to freeze randomly. A simple fix for this issue is scanning for a virus. To do so, follow the provided steps.

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to “Settings” by pressing the “Windows” and “I” keys: 

Step 2: Select “Update & Security”

Scroll down to find “Update & Security” and tap it when found: 

Step 3: Choose Windows Security

Navigate to the highlighted category:

Step 4: Go to “Virus & threat protection”

Hit “Virus & threat protection”:

Step 5: See Scan Options

Hit “Scan Options”: 

Step 6: Scan Now

Click the “Scan now” button:

Method 2: Run System File Checker Scan

Run the “SFC” command to check for issues and corrupted system files and fix or replace them when found.

Step 1: Launch Command Prompt as Administrator

Start the “Command Prompt” as admin through the Startup menu:

Step 2: Run the Command

Execute the “sfc” Command as shown below:

sfc /scannow

Method 3: Clear Windows Temp Files

Temp Folder contains all the temp files that were being used or are currently being used. This can cause your system to freeze. Therefore, clear the temp folder by following the step-by-step instructions down below.

Step 1: Open Run Box

Hit “Windows” and “R” keys to make the Run utility appear:

Step 2: Go to “temp” Folder

Type “temp” and hit “OK”: 

Step 3: Clear Folder

Select all files and permanently delete all the files by hitting the “Shift” and “Del” keys:

Method 4: Run CHKDSK Command

Execute the “CHKDSK” Command in the command prompt terminal to check if the data is safe:


Method 5: Turn off Fast Startup

Fast Startup” speeds up the booting process after a complete shutdown, but it will slow down the shutdown process. Turn off “Fast Startup” by following the instructions provided below.

Step 1: Go to System

Open Settings and select “System” option:

Step 2: Navigate to Power & Sleep

Select the highlighted option: 

Step 3: See all Power Settings

Choose the “Additional Power Settings” option:

Step 4: Set Power Button Functionality

Press “Choose What the power button does” option:

Step 5: Change Settings

Press “Change settings that are currently unavailable”: 

Step 6: Turn off Fast Startup

Unmark the highlighted checkbox to disable “Fast Startup”:

That was all about fixing the Window freezing issue.


The “Windows 10 freezes randomly” problem can be fixed using different methods. These methods include scanning for viruses, running the system file checker command, clearing the Windows temp files, running the CHKDSK command, and turning off fast startup. This article provided methods to eliminate the Window freezing issue.

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