Why is my Chromebook Laptop not Charging?

Chromebooks can easily be carried out anywhere. In terms of performance they can efficiently manage your workload and increase your working speed. However, as you know that Chromebook is an electronic machine and the failure of their components is a common problem, which might get you into some trouble. The Chromebook laptop not charging is the most common problem and In this guide, we will discuss why Chromebook is not charging and how to resolve this issue.

Why is my Chromebook not Charging?

Some possible factors are mentioned below:

  • Your chromebook charger may not be connected properly
  • Wall outlet is not in a working condition
  • The Chromebook may not be used or charged in a longer period of time

How to Resolve the Charging Issue of the Chromebook?

If your Chromebook is running out of charge and turned off, place it on charge for at least 30 minutes and if your Chromebook still does not charge, then:

  • Do check the charging cable plugged correctly on both ends.
  • Do check if the power outlets are working or not.
  • Unplug the charger from both ends and plug the charger back and charge your Chromebook for 30 minutes.

If all the above mentioned tips do not work then follow these below given procedures as it could be the battery issue or other hardware glitch:

1: Run the diagnostic App

2: Reset embedded controller

3: Verify AC adapter charger operation

4: Charger in recovery mode

5: Get a new battery

1: Run the Diagnostic App

The simplest way to check your Chromebooks battery is to run a battery diagnostic, follow these instructions to run a discharge test:

Step 1: Click on the display time to open the Chromebook’s Settings:

Step 2: Click on About Chrome OS:

Step 3: Click on Diagnostics:

Step 4: Run the discharge test to check your battery health:

In the above-mentioned image we have performed a discharge test to check the battery state of the Chromebook. After performing this test you will come to know about your battery’s status, health and performance.

2: Embedded Controller Reset

The Chromebook might not be charging due to the frozen issue and you can reset the embedded controller to unfreeze the Chromebook while the Chromebook is on charge. Follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Make sure your Chromebook is powered down.

Step 2: Connect the charger with Chromebook.

Step 3: Press the power and refresh buttons at the same time.

Step 4: Release the refresh button when Chromebook powers on to reset the embedded controller.

3: AC Adapter Charger Verification

You can check the current provided by the AC adapter in your Chromebook whether it is flowing to the laptop battery or not.

These are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Plug the one end of the AC adapter in the wall outlet and other end to the Chromebook.

Step 2: Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open Crosh.

Note: Crosh is the Chrome OS shell that allows you to enter commands and run tests on it just like Windows PowerShell.

Step 3: Type battery_test to check your Chromebook’s battery health:

Step 4: Press Enter and read the information that comes up on the screen:

The above output indicates the battery health and the current state of the battery which is discharging.

If the charger is plugged in with your chromebook then the battery test you are running will be failed.Only the battery health will be displayed, so you have to make sure thst you must disconnect the power supply to run the test successfully.

4 : Charge in Recovery Mode

If the Chromebook is still not turning on or battery is not charging above the 1 percent mark, then try to charge the battery in the recovery mode:

Step 1: Turn off your Chromebook.

Step 2: Press and hold Esc + Refresh.

Step 3: Hold the Esc and refresh button and press the Power button

Step 4: Now the Chromebook will enter Recovery Mode.

Step 5: Close the lid and let the laptop charge until the battery reaches 100 percent.

Step 6: Open the lid and restart your device.

5 : Buy a New Battery

If you are still facing issues with your battery regarding charge, then you have to change the battery, but do the check the percentage health of the battery, if it is less than 80%, then you have to replace it.


Chromebooks are very well structured and organized portable devices, but they also have some drawbacks. If you ever face a charging issue with your Chromebook, try the above mentioned methods to solve the issue and if it still doesn’t work for you, go for replacing your battery with a new one.

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