How to Make a White Dye in Minecraft

The colorful world of Minecraft is highly customizable as you can add different colors to the specific things around you to increase their beauty. About sixteen different types of dye are available in Minecraft, and making them is easy and sound, but the white dye could be tricky due to recent updates.

This article will help you understand the process of making the white dye and its uses in Minecraft.

Making White Dye in Minecraft.

There are two methods you can use to craft the white dye in Minecraft, and they are as follows.

  1. Bonemeal
  2. Lily of the flower valley

Crafting White Dye using Bonemeal

To craft the white dye using bonemeal, you will need a bone to be crafted into bonemeal and to get the bone, you will need to kill a skeleton that usually spawns at night but can also be found in dark places during the daytime.

And when you kill it, you will see either arrow(s), bone(s) or both if lucky.

You can also find them inside the buried treasure or chests that you can find in our guide.

Now that you have the bone(s), let’s craft it into a bonemeal using the crafting table, and you can learn to get the crafting table in our guide. You can also craft it without using the crafting table, but we recommend using this because its uses are far better.

To craft the bonemeal, you will have to place the bone on the crafting table, and you can now have it in your inventory. One bone will grant you three bonemeal.

You can get one white dye by placing one bonemeal inside the crafting table.

Crafting White Dye using Lily of the Valley Flower

Lily of the valley is a flower only found in jungle biomes, including flowers, birch, and dark forests.

You can harvest it by left-clicking on it, and it will be there on the ground for you to pick up.

You can easily craft the white dye using the crafting table.

What are the uses of White Dye in Minecraft?

The primary use for all the dyes in Minecraft is a decoration which can be done in the following ways.

Making White Beds

You can color the beds white for a unique look for your interior.

Change the Colors of the Collars of Your Tamed Pets

What will happen when you are rolling with your friends while your pets are hanging around and suddenly you need to check on your pet but can’t find it? Then what would you do? Giving your pets a unique color of collars is a good way of recognizing them in crowds.

Create White Concrete
You can craft different colored concrete by following our guide on how to concrete in Minecraft.

Paint the Sheep White to get Wool of the Same Color

The sheep in Minecraft can be painted with different dyes so that you will get the same-colored wool from them.

Apart from these, you can also use the white dye to craft many other dyes and make white fireworks effects and balloons.


Q: Is it possible to get the white dye back from the painted sheep?
No, getting back the original dye is impossible, but you can get the same-colored wool from it.

Q: Can you create strained white glass using the white dye in Minecraft?
Yes, you can create the strained glass with every dye found in Minecraft, including the white dye.


Minecraft’s exciting and creative world needed colors, and the developers heard it by adding sixteen different dyes making it more beautiful and more customizable as you can add the colors of your choice to your base. Today we learned how to make or craft the white dye in Minecraft and its uses.

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